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    Opening a web page automatically

    When you cannot wait to get to Google or your favorite news site as soon as the morning session starts, use the Windows Task Scheduler 8.1 or Windows 10 to open a web page automatically on startup. Or set to open at any time of day or night – Task Scheduler has a number of options to fine tune when an event occurs and what triggers their occurrence. To create the event, use the wizard basic task. To configure more advanced or later modify the task settings, use the wizard advanced tasks.
  • Scanning documents

    Scanning documents to a Mac

    For the most part, scanning documents to a Mac computer is as simple as scanning documents to a PC. Certain software and a scanner are required. Follow these instructions…
  • Ubuntu

    How to mount an ISO file on Ubuntu

    If you are running a version of Ubuntu Linux operating system on your computer and you want to mount an ISO file, there are two ways to do it. Either way, you must have a working knowledge of Ubuntu and feel comfortable using the command line, but as long as you can do that, you can mount ISO files in Ubuntu easily. Do not be afraid to use the Ubuntu command line; with a little knowledge and some step by step instructions, you will be able to handle the situation.
  • windows to excel

    How to convert quattro pro for windows to excel

    Spreadsheets make working with data or statistics incredibly easy because instead of performing constant calculations or storing information on paper, you can use a program like Quattro to do the calculations for you. However, there may come a time when you have to use Microsoft Excel, which is more than a standard Quattro. Fortunately, you can convert your files to Excel Quattro easily.
  • sports sunglasses
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    How to choose a good sports sunglasses, what you should know?

    Protect our eyes when we do outdoor sport is important in any season, but especially in two specific situations: in summer and went up to mountain sports in winter and the light is reflected on the snow. In this case we will focus on sunglasses to train outdoors in summer, which is the time that touches us closely now. The ultraviolet or UV radiation, which is part of the light spectrum, is the one that most affects our eyes: the parts of the eye that suffer major consequences are the lens (which can be related increased exposure to UV radiation [...]
Casual Fashion
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Casual Clothes Are the Way to Go

Mothers can look good wearing casual clothes too… Just because you’re already embracing motherhood doesn’t mean that you have to look drugged half the time. And yet, this is the kind of mindset that some [...]



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