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Central Park
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Central Park is the great green heart of the city of New York. This immense park of almost 850 hectares is full of meadows, forests, lakes, monuments and spectacular architecture. In fact, the park is so lush and places that enjoy so abundant that it is almost impossible mission deciding on the best places in the park. Therefore, for those who are traveling to New York with some fair weather, we have compiled this list of essential places to see Central Park. A predefined path, for which we have taken as a starting point South Central Park, so you have to walk north to go to enjoy these attractions in the same order as shown here. Enjoy it!

The Pond (Pond) – This quiet haven of water is in the southeast corner of the park, and you can enjoy a moment of peace a few meters from the busy streets of the city. The wooded hill is above the pond is called Hallett Nature Sanctuary which is occasionally open for the enjoyment of visitors. The north side of the lake is crossed by the famous “Gapstow Bridge‘, which has been part of countless movies and series. The bridge over the pond, with the Plaza Hotel and the skyline of New York as a backdrop is a classic view of photos of New York.

Central Park Zoo – This popular attraction allows visitors to see divided into three main areas animals: tropical, temperate and polar. Feeding times (11: 30h, 14: 00h and 16: 00h) offer the possibility to see the sea lions perform all kinds of whimsical rituals for their meals. Something that attracts both large and small. In the Children’s Zoo, children can interact with goats, sheep, cows and other domestic animals. Access to the Central Park Zoo is paid, so it is imperative checkout before accessing or, better yet, organizes it in advance and buy tickets online on its official website, which will give us a slight savings on the price at the box office.

The Mall – This famous promenade is surrounded by trees throughout your journey, creating a spectacular full green path nature (except in cold weather, of course). During the tour, statues of famous writers and benches where you can sit and enjoy spectacular scenery or, as in our case, make to eat are distributed. The Mall is one of the favorite places Central Park for street performers and street vendors, who often share ‘scenario’ with skaters and skaters.

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Sheep Meadow – This huge green area is a favorite of New Yorkers, who come there to make a traditional American picnic, play with the Frisbee, throw the baseball or sunbathe in the warm months in New York. Undoubtedly lie on your lawn and watch from afar buildings in New York should be undoubtedly one of the essential plans for your trip to New York. We take this opportunity for a ‘nearly nap’ after lunch … unforgettable!

Bethesda Terrace – This extraordinary meeting place is certainly a highlight in Central Park. Its centerpiece is the great source of Bethesda (also known as the ‘Angel Water’). The walls and pillars of the terrace are adorned with various sculptures representing the seasons and times of day, and the structure of arcs that there is available (say) a wonderful acoustics attracts many of the best musicians ‘street’ of the city, so it is usual to enjoy impromptu concerts of all kinds while enjoying this magnificent place.

Conservatory Water – This famous lake is preferred for children (and not so young) to take sailing their yachts Radio Control. He has appeared in countless films, books and photos (the very Stuart Little sailed over the pond) and very close to here are the also famous sculptures of Hans Christian Andersen and Alice in Wonderland, a place to stop for throw a few pictures, especially if you travel with the kids in the house.

The Lake – This huge lake is one of the key points in Central Park. At its east, (right after Bethesda Terrace) point is the Boathouse restaurant and the kiosk where you can rent small rowing boats to sail on the lake, a typical New Yorkers activity weekends and very common among tourists.

Strawberry Fields – This small place of worship was created in memory of John Lennon, who lived (and was killed) just across the street. Its centerpiece is the ‘Image Mosaic‘, which is common to find it full of flowers and other offerings in memory of the singer of the Beatles. Every December 8th, the place where hundreds of people on the anniversary of his murder, the date on which it is common to find people dressed as Lennon himself and interpreting many of his most famous songs. We had the chance to experience it in person in 2013 and it was an experience.

The Ramble – Northeast Lake is this mountainous place, full of winding paths, streams, ponds and all kinds of rustic structures. It is a common place for bird watching, especially during migratory seasons. The same day we were in Strawberry Fields, passed by this place and had the opportunity to see the rescue of a badly injured eagle from maintenance services of Central Park.

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Castle Belvedere (Belvedere Castle) – On top of a hill, this beautiful stone castle offers magnificent views of Central Park and the New York cityscape in the background. Inside the castle, there is a visitor center and surrounding terraces offer spectacular views and a place to take unforgettable pictures. Definitely a real castle of princes and great to complete the tour of Central Park princesses.

In addition, here are our recommendation for Central Park tour, discovering some of the most touristic and famous places. If you need more information about the park, its events or complete maps (free), visit ‘The Dairy‘, which is the main center of park visitors. ‘The Dairy’ is north of ‘The Pond’ and south of ‘The Mall’. The Central Park Conservancy offers free mobile application that includes interactive maps, audio commentary and up to date on upcoming events.

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