10 things you can do at night to wake up beautiful in the morning

See beautiful in the morning
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Add some of these tips to your nightly ritual and wakes up every day even more beautiful…

With all our activities of the day, sometimes there is not enough time to dedicate to ourselves. Therefore, here in LifeStyleQA we recommend you these 10 tips that will work while you sleep, so as to be more beautiful when you get up. 


1 – Sleep soundly and no less than the recommended eight hours. It is the easiest tip to not only make your skin look healthy, but to have a more productive day.

2 – To reduce split ends in your hair, apply a leave-in treatment before bedtime. You get it at this at any beauty supply store or drugstore.

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3 – Grab your hair in a (not too tight) braid and  wake up with natural waves.  Similarly, push hair away from your face will help prevent pimples, so grab a headband to keep it away from your face.

4 – For dry hands or feet apply a moisturizing cream or oil (or petroleum jelly in the case of the feet) and sleeps with cotton gloves or socks, to set their ingredients and ensure a more lasting effect.

5 – If your hair gets tangled easily, make sure that your pillowcase is made ​​of silk or satin. This will decrease the friction in your hair and cause it to break less.

6 – If you like look longer and resistant eyelashes, put a little castor oil (you get this at any drugstore) on a brush clean mascara (a cotton swab can also function) and apply and your eyelashes before bed.

7 – To whiten your teeth, wash normally. Then your toothbrush dipped in a little baking soda and washes them again. It is advisable not to drink anything if you do this treatment (which is why it is good to do in the evenings), and do only once a week, not to abuse the enamel on your teeth.

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8 – Nighttime is the best time for skin brightening treatments, so smear on them a touch of lemon juice or aloe vera gel for sun spots disappear.

9 – For soft lips, apply cocoa butter or your favorite lip balm before bed.

10 – Whatever you do, NEVER go to sleep without removing your makeup.

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