10 Tips that will make out much better in your photos

Take your photo better
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All people we like to do well in the pictures … To all! And now you can take 500 times the same photo is almost impossible for you to let your friends upload one in which you do not like salts.

So these tricks are never over … Some have read and because they are the secrets of incredible models out in all the pictures, but it is worth remembering and learn some new ones.

1. Relax!

The first trick to do well on a photo to reflect the time they are living, which is usually a happy and fun time. Nobody takes pictures of the sad things … So forget about the poses reflect and concentrate more on what’s going on: the laughter, friendship, love, etc.

2. Law ratio

A basic to do well on the photos: to understand the laws of proportion. What is closer to the camera will look larger. That is easy and calculated.

3. Good Posture

It’s not just a litany of moms … good posture is seen in the photos. Try to plunge the stomach and stand as straight as possible. I do not know why many tend to always stoop we are posing for a picture, but this is fatal from the camera. Stand well upright shoulders this also gives us an air of confidence in ourselves reflected in amazing photos.

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4. Smile

The smile is complicated … If you smile seem more middle clown and if you do not smile angry look. Experts recommend using a natural smile, but what is that? Every time someone tries a natural smile looks like a wince … How to make?

Ideally, take a breath before photo, release and then relax your lips opening them slightly trying to get your lower lip make the same curve as higher your teeth. This move will make your eyes also smile.

5. Do not follow other

The key to a good group photo is to do all the same pose … The idea of ​​photo shower is now obsolete, so each show your personality and stand as best you like, provided it is different from the pose of the next door. The important thing is to stand comfortable and safe.

6. Cross your ankles

If you are going to take a picture of complete body and you alone (as the fashion bloggers are taken to share your outfit of the day) cross your legs for added movement to the picture. This pose also make you look thinner because it accommodates the proportion of your body.

7. Turn your body and accommodates your arms

A very old trick of the red carpet is to place your body at an angle of 45° and put the arm that faces the camera on your hip. Then accommodates one foot slightly in front of the other, directing your finger to the camera and throw your weight to the left leg behind.

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8. The angle of your face

The best trick is to avoid looking directly at the camera … Try to always stand slightly turn your face to where they are taking the picture, chin slightly raised or down, depending on your angle (practice in the mirror).

9. Use your tongue

Another major tricks of the models is press your tongue on your palate as you smile … This prevents the double chin and lengthen your neck note.

10. Have fun!

… Back to the first point I want to close with this because I think the most important. An inn, feigned, hard photo is a funny photo. If you remember any of these tricks while you smile at the camera, okay! If not … well too! While you’re having fun while you take the picture your smile will be perfect, your pose is good and your memory is excellent.

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