10 tips to create your first Google Adwords campaign

Google Adwords campaign
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AdWords campaigns are essential tools for any startup. It is the best way to have visibility and it becomes profit for the company. But make effective campaigns is not easy. In addition, freelance professionals who will make the fastest and cheapest way, but it is also important that you dedicate some time to know what this service before it started. So far, here we share 10 tips to create your first campaign in Adwords…

Determines a clear objective before entering AdWords

What do you want from AdWords? Not only valid with wanting to visit, you have to identify if what interests you are the clicks, sales, time spent by users on the web … And before all that you should keep in mind that what Google wants is quality in the shortest possible time, so you have to offer first a web quality that involves a good user experience, only then will be recognized by Google as positive. The quality will always be above the money you spend on AdWords.

Do not try to fool Google

We refer, for example, the fact of creating two accounts to get out twice in AdWords. Google will not allow such practices because they go against the user experience. It is therefore important that you handle all campaigns from a single Google account.

All that is not measured does not exist

In addition to answering questions on how many sales you want or what kind of sales, it is important to know measure conversions in Adwords and what is a conversion? Any action that we want the user to perform on our website (fills out a form, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, view a document, spend some time on the web, and click a phone number …). To make this measurement must install a conversion tracking through a code, which is usually put on the page, for example, “Thank you for your purchase” and so can be accounted for AdWords. It is recommended to link your account with Analytics to perform these measurements.

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AdWords is just a tool, not a seller

The key to making your campaign a success is who handle the tool. Knowing optimize your account is basic to reach measurable through conversions positive results. It should go towards converting the best possible way. In this case always we recommend hiring a freelancer who can carry out the campaign, making things easier.

Create easy words and segmenting the campaign

The quality of the keyword is what will define what you pay for each click. Therefore, the names of the ads have to be easy words to remember, grouping and optimize, so that only the name it is known how the campaign is going. It is also interesting to make a list of negative keywords to dispense with those with whom we do not want out in the search.

As for segmentation it is essential in any campaign. You must segment by location and language. Note that if your prospects speak in a language you have to have the web in that language, not just the ad, but will generate rejection. Give the user a good experience, not generate false expectations.

Do not mixes search campaigns with display

Difference between Search Network (in Google) and Display Network (ads are displayed on different pages). Choose from any of them, but it is important that, although Google gives you the option to choose the two, not mix. They are two different things, with a specific orientation (to demand or supply-side).

Note that the world is moving

Give your web different views depending on the device in which the user is, and Google will reward you. In AdWords you can target by devices, but remember it will not help if you do not have a quality website. Moreover, it is recommended to avoid Flash on the web, because it spends many resources and is not good for Google.

It includes extensions

  • Ad extensions: They are functions that allow us, at no extra cost, add more information to the ad that might be relevant to our potential customers.
  • Location extensions: Contact details of the company are displayed directly on the ad.
  • Site links Extensions: Sites that may be of interest to the user.
  • Call extensions: That includes the phone number, very important for viewing on your mobile device.
  • Social Extensions: Allows you to add all social recommendations of your ads or your web page.

You can include all extensions you want, after which Google will choose what draw.

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Study to customers, talk to people

Only if you interact with the client know how to be efficient with your keywords, and therefore with Google AdWords. The notice must describe exactly what you offer, a differential value and a warning. Note that the “url visible” does not have to be the “Destination URL” as long as the domain is the same.

With planner keywords, AdWords gives you ideas of what might be the best define your website and also give you an approximate cost. You must make websites for the user, but also so that Google understands them.

Not everything is in Google AdWords

Although anyone who wants to can create a Google AdWords account, keep in mind that there are many things that are not allowed to do, better you read all the policies of Google.

Once created and set up an account in Google AdWords, the keys are always segment, measure, improve and revise. And for this we have to be patient and not expect results the first few days, and above all, do not give up in the first few clicks do not meet your expectations, and tell us your experiences with AdWords.

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