10 views you should not miss in Havana

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Cuba has always been a desired destination, but the truth is that the latest we are seeing have made ​​a tourism boom alive. The diplomatic approach of the United States and Cuba, and the reopening of embassies, has made ​​reactivating, for example, the cruise market.

Although Canada, Germany, France and England are, the countries that most travelers to Cuba leads, and you begin to notice the presence of more Americans after being eased travel restrictions on the island.

Therefore, and if you are someone who is encouraged to travel to Cuba in this new phase of diplomatic opening, we want to give some tips to make the most of the essence of this island which hopefully will not get lost.

Let’s go to Havana, the capital, which is a must visit and where you can easily spend between 5 and 7 days and not get bored for a second. Notes 10 views you should do, or yes, on your visit to this gem.

The capitol

It is one of the main buildings of Cuba, with a rich and elegant architecture. Its dome is the second tallest structure in Havana and is now the headquarters of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba and a museum.

Military Historical Park Morro Cabaña

Visiting this park is an absolute blast. First, because you will discover two ancient fortresses of the city, and second because it offers spectacular views of La Habana. And if you go in the afternoon, you’ll enjoy “The Cañonzao” a military ceremony that recreates the firing of a cannon on Havana in the eighteenth century.

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Old Havana

In 1982, UNESCO declared Old Havana as a World Heritage Site. In addition, not least because this historic town is full of monuments, churches, forts … authenticators urban jewels of different moments in the history of Cuba that are essential to know.

Bacardi factory

Located in an Art Deco building today it is for offices. At the top of the building, you can see the bat is the symbol of the brand.


You can not leave Havana without strolling along the Malecon, the promenade in whose famous wall can sit and enjoy the view and relax. There are usually fishermen, street vendors … an always-on environment.

Parade ground

This square is the oldest of the four colonial Old Havana. It has become a very special place because in it an antique market where you can find interesting objetis is held.

La Bodeguita del Medio

Let’s make a stop to eat, because if there is a restaurant a must in Havana that is undoubtedly the Bodeguita del Medio. Gastronomy, typical Cuban music and live atmosphere inside.

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La Floridita

In addition, after eating, a good drink. And nothing better than give in the Floridita, the cradle of daikiri. A bar with almost 190 years of history that have passed personalities, Cuban and foreign, from all walks of life.

Castillo de la Real Fuerza

It is the oldest fortress that still stands across the Americas. Data from 1577 and its moat is the Museum of Navigation.

Almacenes San Jose

If you like art and local crafts, this is your place, because in warehouses San Jose cites more than 300 artisans are given showing his work. You can buy, of course.

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