12 wonderful things you learn living in a small apartment

small apartment
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Hands up who has not been ever marveled at Ikea with those mini spaces of 35 square meters in which seems to fit everything you need and, moreover, cannot be coquettes. The crux of the matter comes when we live in one of those. What can we learn living in them?

You will save a lot of money on clothes

You will buy only the bare minimum: the good, the best and only the best. What fits in the mini apartment because not deceive Carrie Bradshaw; in a small apartment … the closet will always be too mini.

You do not fall into the inertia of the trend

Do not tell me that the knee boots are back in fashion? Well, if you live in a mini apartment, you will buy if you really like. That is not the mini apartment for waste of space.

You will learn to decorate with moderation

Forget the Christmas tree two meters, with gold tinsel and a million lights. A couple of sheets minimal, some candle and your apartment will have (almost) the appearance of these fantastic spaces of the decorating magazines.

You will choose your guests with care

The studio apartments make natural selection of friends. Gone are the times inviting all your friends to a birthday party in your parent’s house? Now you will choose with care the few guests that fit in celebration dinner.

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You will learn to travel low cost

As much as you’ve protested before, you now will seem a brilliant idea that traveling only with hand luggage, even if you go to spend 17 days touring Australia. Or you can fit a large suitcase at home or is already a mystery to you that to get the maximum of clothes in the minimum space.

You will understand the true meaning of the word multipurpose

There are houses where there is a table for everything: one in the kitchen for daily, one in the dining room for the most special days, one in the office to work from home, another center in the living room and even a in a corner by simple decoration. Go waste. In a small apartment you will learn that one table can fix us all ballots to replace the board will not know where to store.

You’ll appreciate it really special

The studio flats require us to be minimalist; nobody wants to live in a house that looks like a wedding cake. So must be selected with great care which photos you want to see on a daily or what objects mean to you enough to take center stage.

You will strengthen small businesses

They ran the monthly mega shopping in large establishments. It not for nothing … is that we cannot be all that at home. So we will evaluate all good down every few days to the butcher, the fishmonger or the greengrocers to buy fresh produce.

You’ll appreciate the technology above all else

A Kindle does not occupy space and can fit all the books that your living space would eat. An account premium of Spotify instead of a huge column of CDs. Netflix replacing boxes and boxes of DVDs. I do not know if you have something less than charming, but it is all at hand … and not take anything!

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Your philosophy is the ‘Seize the moment’

Seize the moment; any excuse of these is worth us to park the past. There is no space for files and archives notes that return to never see nor for ski equipment does that remind you that the end came not take her taste to that of skiing to say nothing of that suit failed girlfriend who still looked at once time with nostalgia. Blessed studio apartments in which not fit.

You will make a real effort of sustainability

Greenpeace is already taking to create a merit award for people who live in a small apartment. The buckets of organic waste, that of the inorganic, the glass, the paper … Recycle involve a real option for sustainability. And never mind move by bike. Finding a place to save is heroic, but it (much) it.

You’ll end up with tacky souvenirs

Gone are the days when we were walking by the banks of the Seine and we looked good idea to buy a watercolor of Paris at sunset, back home, never quite like it. Let’s face it, we do not have walls for much else. Of African figures or talk, of course. So that we turn in that slogan of not take a trip around our memories (and lots of photos … in digital format, of course).

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