15 beaches of cinema where you could spend your next summer vacation

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Soon you will be planning where to take your holiday, which looks palm season and leering after giving impunity sunglasses. In addition, you know what is good. You can combine this intense and work with your summer Slack movie going to these beaches that one way or another have seen it happen but probably more affluent than your bodies.

South Beach – Martha’s Vineyard (United States)

Let’s start with one of those that will make you doubt whether or not bathe. Martha’s Vineyard is an island located near Massachusetts, United States. Steven Spielberg chose this island to shoot virtually all sequences of one of its most innovative titles, ‘Jaws’. The beaches, the port, and virtually all film locations can be found on the island, for your peace of mind, it is a free zone shark, but not whales.

Venice Beach – United States

Let’s follow the American coast to the other side of the country, to Venice Beach. Film and televise speaking, is one of the most recognizable places in Los Angeles has since been the setting for countless productions.

Specifically, virtually all ‘The Baywatch’ is shot here. Do you remember ‘Pacific Blue? It was that terrible series (which did not miss even one day) of the police bike, which is also filmed here. And you are not going to find the giant head of the Statue of Liberty, but if you want to shout wore on Earth all the time! properly, you can do in Malibu Beach.

Monuriki Island – Fiji

However, Venice Beach is too busy and is full of beautiful people. To feel better, why not go to the Fiji Islands, specifically Monuriki Island, where maybe around there with his friend Tom Hanks Wilson, skinny and scruffy more than cue pa zos California.

Besides being the set to shoot Robert Zemeckis ‘Cast Away’, Monuriki is known to be frequented by Hollywood stars to purify and stuff. Shit, he screwed us plan Buen Ororo by comparison.

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Halona Cove – Hawaii

If you go on holiday with friends, I have the perfect beach for you. It’s in Honolulu, Hawaii and is called Halona Cove. It is a small cove is usually packed with surfers, but that once was the place where Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster were given one of the most erotic kisses in film history: the ‘From Here to Eternity’.

Playa Palmilla – Dominican Republic

Following this style, Palmilla found the beach in the Dominican Republic, which once stayed the filming of ‘The Blue Lagoon’ and today is filled with lovebirds honeymoon. You can play to guess how many of them are incestuous.

The beaches of James Bond

Bond, James Bond is a guy who will go the beaches, mainly because they are women and swimsuit is always a plus. In Laughing Waters, Jamaica, perhaps ye meet Ursula Andress in that white bikini she wore in ‘Dr. Do not’.

Another Bond also was in Phuket, Thailand, a very handy exotic destination for filming. Here sequences ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ were filmed and also the beach where Bridget gets to the top of mushrooms in ‘Bridget Jones: The Edge’.

Ko Phi Lee – Thailand

Without leaving Thailand, we go to the island of Ko Phi Phi Lee, where was filmed ‘The Beach’ when Leo Dicaprio was still idol folder holder; filming which incidentally had much controversy over how the area was thereafter passing through production equipment?

Spanish beaches Movie

But no need to get out of the country to visit a beach movie. We can go Mosul, one of the largest and most famous in Cabo de Gata, with that distinctive large rock in the middle of the beach. Spielberg came here to shoot that sequence of ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade’ in which Sean Connery used a flock of seagulls to cause a plane crash.

In Puerto del Son, La Coruña, Das Furnas Beach is famous for its covered area of rocks. Erosion has formed therein holes that are filled with water, resulting in a beautiful show and that was the place where some sequences of ‘The Sea Inside’ by Alejandro Amenabar were shot.

On the beach of Andrin (Llanes, Asturias) was filmed ‘The Orphanage’, Julio Medem went to Ses Illetes (Formentera) to shoot the sequence in Bolingas of Paz Vega in ‘Sex and Lucia’ and Bond was in the Cadiz coast filming more scenes bikini, in this case Halle Berry in “Die another day ‘.

Baler Bay – Philippines

Bay Baler in the Philippines is known for surfing, by coral reefs, the holiday resorts and other more boring stuff that was one of the sets of the filming of ‘ Apocalypse Now ‘, the film with an of the most problematic productions in film history. Here that wonderful sequence with napalm and rolled surfers. You know, I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

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St Andrews – Scotland

I know. I feel it. You want to run in slow motion to the rhythm of Vangelis. Saint Andrews is one of the oldest and historically significant cities in Scotland. Cathedral, castle, a prestigious university … but what matters to us is that on that beach famous team training sequence in ‘Chariots of Fire’ was filmed.

Curracloe Beach – Ireland

It may not make you much warmth up there, but that’s jogging in epic mode. By the way, not far away in Curracloe Beach (Ireland) the stunning and impressive Normandy landing sequence in ‘Saving Private Ryan’ was filmed.

Sandy Point – Virgin Islands

I’ll settle with finalizing of pellicular. Sandy Point is a beach in the US Virgin Islands, although it is a protected and restricted place, has hours open to the public on weekends.

There the end of the wonderful ‘Shawshank Redemption’, not spoilearé was shot (you really have not seen? Crazy!) But I put then to dismiss this list by moving the camera slowly to melt into the sky and ocean Zihuatanejo.

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