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The new tab page normally goes unnoticed. We open a new tab in the browser, enter the URL of the website you want to visit (or click on one of our favorites) and ready. However, the truth is that life can give you much if you use the appropriate extensions.

Some of them are very useful and will help you be more concentrated and be more productive in your work. Others are simple entertainment that will cause a smile – but hey, this also has merit. In any case, these 15 Chrome Extensions sure to make your new tab page something much more interesting.

Remember that before adding a new extension to the browser, should read the “small print” and especially review the permissions that requests before installation. If you’re not convinced, you can uninstall it from the page chrome: // extensions, or right – click the extension button in the toolbar, and choose the appropriate option.


Momentum and you talked about in your day, as a very practical way to avoid procrastination and improve your productivity when you work with your computer. With this extension the new tab page becomes a corner to find inspiration through beautiful images, in addition to reviewing your main focus of the day and review your to- do list.


Speaking of tasks, this another extension transforms the new tab page in a list of tasks minimalist, reduced to the five most important things you want to complete during the day. Write them early to start working, and Dayboard will show you the one by one for you to concentrate on each separately. The extension follows up your job, and lets you share it with other users through its website.


If you already use a system to manage tasks like Trello, Asana, JIRA or Todoist, this is the extension you want. Taco you can have your to-do list of any of these systems productivity (and many more) directly integrated into the new tab page. You can choose which tasks show, reorder them by priority, and mark them as done from your own extension.

Wunderlist New Tab

We continue with lists. For many, Wunderlist is the best app to create and manage them, and now with this extension can have your lists Wunderlist in a new tab in Chrome. It is a “light” version of the app from which you can add new tasks or review your lists.

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Be Limitless

Beyond the lists, another way to improve your productivity is to control your distractions; something with a web browser front requires a lot of willpower. With this extension, you can keep track of the web pages that longer you lose raisins, and be more aware of how you spend your time. Be Limitless also adds a small notebook to record tasks and reminders.


However, yes, if there is a way to use the time precisely it is to be aware that our time is limited. In addition, although some find it macabre, this is precisely what makes Mortality in each new tab. This extension shows you your exact age (with millisecond precision), on a background of white circles representing the months that have lived and that you are taking as average age 80 years. Nothing likes seeing how fast that clock going to get to do things…


However, enough of tasks and productivity. Sometimes all you want to know the weather forecast, and nothing else. In addition, if you can be with a minimalist design, the better. If this is the case, then currently is your extension. With it, you will become the new Chrome tab on a simple page with the time and the weather forecast. Nothing else!

Modern New Tab Page

This extension makes the new tab page in Chrome is a little more useful and colorful , thanks to its tiles Windows 10 style that you can customize to point to your favorite websites. You can also change the background, colors and icons with any of the 26 items included (although you can also create one from scratch).

Cardboard New Tab Page

If you do not like the design of the above, here’s another option to convert the new tab page in an information center and fully customizable activity … this time with the design of Google Now. You can add your bookmarks, history, Chrome apps, etc. and everything as if they were typical cards from Google Now.

Earth View from Google Earth

Many of us can not spend nearly a year on the International Space Station as Scott Kelly, but at least we have a lot of beautiful images of planet Earth that this extension takes care to show one to one every time we open a new tab in Chrome. The images obtained from Google Earth, and if ever you like especially, the can put as wallpaper.


Lists, productivity, favorite pages … what are we left now? Of course: use the new tab page in Chrome to learn something new. That is precisely the goal of this extension, which shows you a question every time you open a tab. Of course, the list of questions and answers has to create it yourself.

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Learn that matter, how about a little Japanese? Mainichi shows you a new word in Japanese every time you open a tab, accompanied by an explanatory drawing, the meaning, the corresponding kanji and hiragana pronunciation. If your level is very low and still cannot read hiragana, you can also activate romaji reading.

Tabby Cat

However, not all learn in this life. There are also times for leisure and for pretty things for nothing. With Tabby Cat, for example, you have a lively new tab in each kitty, each with a different design, with its own name and with unique gestures. Yes, I know, it is not a productive extension … but who can resist those mustaches?


If there are cats, there must also be animated GIFs. They are the two basic elements of the Internet, right. With AnimatedTabs you will see an animated GIF on each new tab you open, and from there you can share on social networks or save it to your hard drive. You can also find more GIFs from the integrated browser, or simply keep opening new tabs. Beware lose track of time…

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