15 tips for a perfect squat

Perfect squat
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Squats are a basic exercise of our training; therefore, they are useful to work our muscles as well as to gain strength. However, it is key run correctly, so then leave 15 tips for a perfect squat.

If you want to achieve a squat quality and effective exercise for the muscles of your body, keep in mind the following 15 tips before you get started:

  1. Start with your feet apart shoulder width, with the tips of his fingers thereof and slightly outward.
  2. Keep your head straight, and the entire upright column, holding the view to the front during the tour.
  3. Collapse the middle area while executing the exercise, in order to keep your torso upright during it.
  4. Bring the buttocks back and down at the beginning of the realization of the movement.
  5. Imitating the gesture of sitting in a chair, arching the lumbar spine at the beginning of the movement and flexing the hips.
  6. Keep the knees in line with your feet, preventing them rotate inward.
  7. Maintain maximum pressure on the heels, carrying the weight of the body to them.
  8. Keep knees directed forward as possible.
  9. Lift your arms up and down in front of the body, except that working with loads.
  10. Keep the torso and head lean forward to run the squat; on the contrary, they must go directly.
  11. Stop the movement when the hip is below the knees, slightly lower than the horizontal thigh.
  12. Avoid breaking the lumbar curvature to reach the lowest point possible, so as not to bend the back or tilt the trunk.
  13. Tighten or contracting the buttocks and hamstrings to ascend the body and return to starting position, avoiding wear the torso forward or heels off the ground.
  14. Pushing from the feet to begin the ascent of the body and thus return to the starting position of the exercise.
  15. To rise, reaching as high as possible, putting us in line, standing again.

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Here are 15 tips that will allow you to perfect the technique of execution of the squat and play a quality movement as well as cash for work in your body.

Remember that the first is always the exercise technique, so as to prevent injuries, work properly and get the desired results with its implementation.

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