15 tips to improve your personal image

Personal image
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To look and feel beautiful is often the result of little things we do every day. If you incorporate these tips slowly your life, eventually they will become good habits that will help you always have a good personal image.

1) Do not leave home without ever having applied sunscreen; this will keep your skin looking radiant for many years.

2) Do not be afraid to apply yourself to the idea of ​​a new lipstick color occasionally. Remember that it is the color makes you look good and the color is not the only thing that attracts attention.

3) Get the highest heels you can with which you can still walk comfortably and safe feeling. The heels will make you look slimmer and stylish.

4) If you’re feeling of letdown, never black views. At that time the best you can do is add color to your life.

5) If you have doubt whether something you look good or not, do not leave home without having remedied the problem. If you feel insecure, you take it reflected in your face all the time.

6) Potent clothes more often you have reserved for special occasions and incorporate your daily outfits combining more basic items. This is a look that will make you look modern and fashionable.

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7) Do not just get just a bracelet, Put on several at once! If you have several bracelets, wrist roll you consider a collar several times to achieve the same look.

8) Become in the living room a high hairdo any day of the week without a “significant” chance to do so.

9) Designates a specific day a month to review all your clothes and accessories are perfect and take them to repair if necessary. Do not expect to realize that something is discoed or broken when you take it already and cannot do anything about it.

10) Define the 5 words that reflect your style and write them somewhere where you can constantly see that the use of inspiration when dressed.

11) Always use accessories, no matter if it’s just one piece. Accessories are the finishing touch that makes any outfit look much better.

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12) Put your glasses or sun glasses in a hard case if you are not using so that you are not lost or scratched.

13) Try to edit your closet as often as possible and donate what you’re not paying. Not only do you help people in need, but also will achieve to have a closet full only of things that you really like and you look good.

14) Listen to your favorite music while you’re fixing to make that moment something lighthearted and fun. Believe me; your clothes reflect your mood.

15) Be inspired looking at fashion magazines combinations of colors, patterns or styles of accessories that fill you with excitement and try to replicate them in your attire.

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