15 tips to safely leave your home for the holidays

Safely leave your home
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When I go on vacation – and this season I leave everything ready, from suitcase to safe house to avoid me surprises when return. As here you go a checklist of everything you have to do to prevent (to the extent possible) that the house is flooded, there is a fire or stolen, among other things.

1- Disconnect all electrical appliances, especially TV, DVD, etc., this is to avoid short circuits that may be causing a fire.

2- Close water access to the house to prevent flooding.

3- Assure have closed windows, doors and any other access to the house, including garage door and / or basement windows.

4- The dishwasher should be open if you go out for many days away from home, if you leave the closed can cause odor.

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5- Give away all the food that needs refrigeration or you know it will expire. You do not want to get home and find rotting food.

6- Assure that trashcans are empty and clean.

7- Check that the passage of gas in places like the kitchen or heating is closed.

8- Yes! Have installed alarm system is a good idea to give a family the alarm key, in case they come to provide an emergency.

9- Calls someone your absolute confidence that collects your mail and keep the door free newspapers propaganda or cumulatively reveal that the house is empty.

10- Proportion these same people, your house keys for use in an emergency or to check that everything is in order. Give them a phone number, which you can call in case of emergency.

11- Put some light on a timer to turn every night lest it appear that the house is empty.

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12- Keep jewelry, money and other valuables hidden.

13- Keep car keys in a safe place, often when they steal the cars are also carried.

14- Never let your answering machine or your social networking messages you indicate that you are traveling, it is preferable to report your departure once you have returned to the city.

15- Premiere stored in a safe place, a copy of all your important documents or interest, such as certificates, bills or securities, to facilitate identification in case of theft.

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