27 things I ask you to love with you

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Often, in a long relationship, we miss the excitement of the first few months of that stage that so many people say that “it is the most beautiful”. Life sometimes leads us down a path that is not what we had planned and we reached a point where we regretted not having been able to preserve the magic that pervaded everything at first. So today, let’s ask a few things to the person that we are falling…

1) That, in ten years, have not forgotten why you’re falling for me today.

2) Let me never see prettier than a Sunday morning, in pajamas, no makeup, and her hair pulled back in a chignon done wrong.

3) That we travel, we know the most beautiful cities in the world and, occasionally, we feel guilty about losing a whole day without leaving the hotel room.

4) That, when the routine engulf us, be sure to find time to escape from it. Even five minutes.

5) They assume that the routine will engulf us if we do not want.

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6) That we do nothing because it touches. We get married if we want. Children if we know what we want. Just us!

7) Which, when you find a new location, you are looking forward to go together.

8) That I never lie to me. Always I prefer the worst true that the best lie.

9) You do not want to change, because you’re always aware that you fell in love that I am now.

10) Let that song we both know follow remonstrant inside, pass the years go by.

11) We will never go to bed angry and if we do a touch of feet to fix everything.

12) That any problems, however serious it may seem, is reduced by half when we share.

13) You understand my silences, my absences and my own time. Because for loving you I need before I love myself.

14) What if one day you stop loving me, do not hold me to your side for comfort. You know say goodbye.

15) Do not convert, “I love you” in a formula farewell call. You always say that knowing what it means.

16) We walk us half the world to see that concert that always dreamed. Even crazy!

17) That make me smile continues to be among your priorities each day.

18) You never give up a dream for me. Do not ask me to give me mine.

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19) They assume that we will discuss. But that never use the discussions to throw us in face what we dare not say cold.

20) You’re done I not hate my extravagances. You always look as cute as now.

21) That not I always want as the first day, that for many years you seem insignificant what you wanted me today.

22) On a trip to London, or New York, or Tokyo, we plan to leave everything to go and live there for adventure although we know from the beginning that we will not do.

23) That you end up wanting my friends, although invade our home with just crazy the day you wanted to rest.

24) That similarly fatigue on Friday week if what we want is to dance.

25) That a Saturday night at home, watching movies and eating popcorn, it is sometimes the best possible appointment.

26) Know, without my saying so, that all that I ask you I am also promising.

27) And do you also a list of the 27 things you ask me, if one day I lose perspective.

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