3 choices to be financially sound

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There are bad habits in personal finances that you cannot take to your business.

If you are an entrepreneur or are planning to enter the world of those who have their own business, you should pay attention to your finances now. All your spending habits and savings on a personal level will be the signs of the future success of a business.

Meet three decisions you should take your business to start or continue in a scenario with healthy accounts.

1. Live by your means

We live in a culture in which we seek to give us a standard of living that we cannot afford. To realize this, just see the use given to credit cards to purchase items that we could not pay with cash or a few months. It is important to identify the difference between the lifestyle we want to give us and that we can actually afford.

Find a middle ground between these two is the best way to reward work effort without implying living paycheck-to-paycheck, or worse, borrow. Imagine if today you owe money to your credit card and you are generating excessive interest on purchases, how this bad habit would be enhanced when you have your own business?

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2. Living on a budget

It is very common to receive the salary and start spending without identifying how much we save and how much we spend on expenses. You have to set a budget for each expenditure required and unnecessary. We can see it as a pie chart where each slice is a consumer. Let us begin by saving the first item that ideally cover spending 20% of salary, leaving for recreation 5%, to finish with a 10% to cover your debts. If it is difficult to sit down and make the bills each month, make an estimate in your mind and go adding the expenses you can do for the day or week and then do not deviate. Note that most shoes are the difference of being in debt or not.

3. Use the cards only as payment, not as an extension of your salary

Credit cards can be very beneficial if used properly making total payments. If you want to have the best benefits of your plastic, the option is not to cover her expenses you could not absorb during the month with your salary. If you do this, your debt will become a snowball getting bigger and come currently there is no money available to pay your debt. For your business, for example, you cannot pay your payroll credit. For it had to be allocated a specific amount. Personal habit of using credit to buy only what you could also pay with cash or a few months will help to structure finance your business.

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Remember all habit now will be reflected in the profitability of your business. If you have not yet undertaken you, begin by taking these three decisions with your personal finances. If habits are not like the others, makes the necessary adjustments. Although healthy finances are not the only factor that will determine the success of your business, if you are a very important part.

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