3 key classes to not lose motivation and achieve your goals in the gym

achieve your goals in the gym
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When we talk about train and get in shape, one of the most important things is the adherence to generate the exercise. Translation: not only train the month we signed up to the gym, but keep doing it on a regular basis throughout the year and make it a habit. Adherence is also the key to the time that a diet work and not become a behavior of “fast-binge”.

In addition, how can we generate that adherence to exercise? Finding this sport or that kind that motivates us to continue doing sports, we like and where we divert. This is more important than we think: kickboxing, for example, can be very effective but if we do not like to do nothing and leave, it on the second day. Moreover, how do we find that class or the sport that hooks us and going to the gym becomes a great pleasure and not a punishment? Opening the mind and trying new things, how are you classes that we offer here?

Do not closure doors to the first exchange with a “that’s not for me”: in most cases is not about anything other than prejudices that prevent us out of our comfort zone. I know of what I speak: I spent many years thinking, “Pilates is not for me” without even try. Until I tried it, I was hooked and I was trained as an instructor. Simply the fact give it a try one day! The same story happened with the spinning.

Do not let pass these opportunities to discover new things just because you think that “are not for you” encourage one to test these classes that can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Body Pump if you do not like to train in room

I know I repeat myself, but training with weight is a staple when it comes to losing weight and toning. In addition, if we do a routine focused on gaining strength, the better. However, I also know that many you frightens the fact enter the free weight area, either by not knowing where to start or for whatever reason. If you see no training in the weight room, try the kind of Body Pump.

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Is it the same thing as free weight training? Not exactly: When working with weights, bars, and made​basic exercises of which we have spoken like squats, rowing, etc. However, the class focuses on working the muscle endurance (low weights are used, repetitions are high), while in room would work more force (higher weights, fewer repetitions). In any case, it is better than doing nothing work force.

Spinning if you do not like cardio

There are two types of people: those who enjoy the cardio and can spend hours running on the treadmill or the elliptical, and which do not hold more than 15 minutes because they are bored. I am of the latter, especially if you have to run on the treadmill: overwhelmed me because I see that do not move the site, what are you going to do. If I have to do, I do, but usually reluctantly.

A good class for cardiovascular workout in a fun way is the kind of spinning: musicale blaring, group feeling that motivates you to keep going, fun atmosphere…

Is it the same spinning that “normal” cardio? It depends on what you’re looking for, but can be even better because in spinning classes usually work with intervals of varying intensities that benefit more our heart to work for a long time at the same rate and are more useful when lose weight.

Pilates if you want to improve in any class

On the other hand, any kind of training, either aerobic, strength, combining two or even in your daily life. Pilates is basic to understanding how our body moves and how it responds against the different positions that we adopt it.

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How Pilates helps you in other classes and in your everyday life? Through work with Pilates, we become more aware of our body, how it moves and how it is placed in space. We learn to align correctly to make the greatest possible range of movement with minimal effort. We also work effectively the middle area (abdomen, lower back, transverse, etc.), largely responsible for our position.

Both when working with weight and Body Pump, as when doing cardio and spinning, our posture is extremely important to prevent injury and maximize our efforts. A strong center as we can get with the Pilates method ensures a good position prior to any weight lifting or cycling.

The kind of Body Pump, the spinning and Pilates can help you not neglect the gym and achieve your goals in a fun way and allows you to integrate exercise into your daily life as a prize, and not as a punishment.

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