5 Laws you should know to boost sales of your business

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Without sales there are no customers; without customers there is no business. It is absolutely clear that if you want to succeed with your business, you need to sell…

If your business sales are not as good as you would like, we invite you to consider 5 Irrefutable Laws of sales, published by William Ballard for entrepreneur.

These five laws can apply to your business both online and offline manner… Dare to implement!

1. The law of value: Consumers only buy products and services that will benefit them

You must understand that customers seek to solve their problems and meet their needs, so they are interested to know what the benefits are that your product or service offers. The higher the value the customer perceives a product or service, the greater their interest in buying it.

Does your product makes the customer happier and have a better quality of life? Are you helping your customers to save time? Are you making your customer’s life easier? How are you creating value for your customer segment?

After identifying what your value proposition, you must build the appropriate communication strategy to make customers perceive and understand the value that your product or service offers.

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2. The law of compensation: The value comes with a price tag

The higher the value perceived by the customer, the more money will be willing to pay for a product or service.

When the client claims that a product is expensive, you do not perceive value in it and therefore is not willing to pay the price. The more expensive your product, the greater must be the perception of value by the customer.

3. The law of influence: The credibility depends on two factors, confidence and experience

Consumers are more likely to buy those brands that carry them confidence, so manages an image according to your value proposition and your customer segment. One way to build trust is through the achievement and demonstration of experience in our field or industry.

4. The law of authenticity: The greatest gift you have to offer is yourself

Consumers often develop stronger ties of trust with those brands that strive to be different and unique.

Identify the elements that make you different and unique, and then communicate to your customers those elements that make you really special…

“As long as you’re trying to be someone else or put on an act or behavior that another person taught, you have no chance of attracting people truly momentous. The most valuable thing you have to give people is yourself. No matter what you think you’re selling, what you’re really offering you “.

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5. The law of reciprocity: This is a relationship of give and take

The goal is not only to generate a sale, but to create strong and sustainable relationships with our customers. The more the client receives the time of purchase, the greater their commitment to our company.

Surprise your clients with an unexpected gift, a bonus, after-sales service free or something really valuable, so that customers will achieve buy again and again, and also want to bring their friends to know your business.

“Do a client, not a sale. Make a friend, not a customer.”

Do you dare to implement these five laws sales? What consider another important aspect to consider boosting sales of a business?

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