5 Reasons for not taking glucose gels during a race

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Gels can be a good help for long distance races. However, there are situations where they can be more harmful than a help. Based on our experience, we need to assess whether it is worth it supplemented with glucose gels.

Not that serve for nothing, but there is to know well when and how many take. Gels are not miracle workers, but may be a point to help our energy reserves. Today we will see some reasons for not taking gels during the race.

Situations where it should not take glucose gels

If you’ve never taken one before: Food during the race you also have to train it. If you do not take them during long runs or workouts in the end, better not test the day of the race. At least you should have tried 4-5 times to know that the gel, running at race intensity for a while, will you sit right.

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If the race lasts less than an hour: I would even say an hour and a half. It makes little sense to take an extra glucose when our body has reserves to spare and, in one hour, glycogen stores have not yet been exhausted. From my point of view, up to a half marathon we can go without gel, although it depends on rhythm that we carry.

If you’re very tired: When we go to the limit, the body does not admit anything, just no water. When the body goes to the limit it does not have to send blood to the stomach to absorb the gel because all is in our muscles and most likely is that we end nauseated the gel. This is in the making a cut of digestion.

If we have nowhere to take it: I say from experience that it is uncomfortable to carry a glucose gel hand or in a pocket where you go bouncing. If you do not know where to put the gel while we are running, best left to someone who will cheer for us on the middle stretch of the race.

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If you often have stomach problems when running: There are people who by nerves or their own physiology have stomach problems race days. The gel is not going to improve that situation, even the opposite to be concentrated in sugar and salt food. If your digestive system is irascible day of the race, better leave him alone.

Of course, with this we do not mean that glucose gels are useless, but we have to assess well what situations are going to be useful gels. Good planning in nutrition and training can make the gels are a help. Just do not expect miracles to take a glucose gel, your position in the line will mark more as you have trained.

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