5 tips for ironing your hair without damaging it

Ironing your hair
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The plate has become the tool one to have a perfect smoothing. But as we know that prolonged use spoils our hair, we wonder what to do to avoid it. Is there any way to iron the hair without damaging it? The answer is yes, and several. Pay attention to these five practical tips that we have described in this article…

1) Dry your hair well before ironing: Otherwise, it will be damaged. Although the iron say that can be used on wet hair, the truth is that always makes you wrong: it disfigures, causing frizz and split ends.

2) Buy a good iron: Many times the price does not reflect the quality, so when choose; the important thing is that he has ceramic plates and heat regulator. Both are attributes that protect your hair as only expose to the temperature you need to be smoothed. Neither more nor less, so avoid burning.

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3) Pass it only once: To protect the health of hair, always try to restrict the use of the iron, it is very harmful. For a good smoothing, enough to remember this rule: A rather slow last it is much more effective than three quick.

4) Use it at a moderate temperature: Two things have in mind that, heat damaged hair and not all need the same level hair to straighten. Therefore, the suggestion is that you start in the average temperature, and then upload to identify the power required by your hair. Take care not more than 200° of because causes irreversible capillary damage.

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5) Apply heat shield: This product is a great ally to protect your hair and protecting it from heat, in addition to leave much easier to smooth and comb. Always use it before busting the plate. With dry hair, apply a little at the tips, and voila!

So far, do you have another tip for ironing the hair without damaging it?

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