5 tips to attract customers

Attract customers
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Attracting customers is easier said than done: “Hurry and speed are different things! If you do the things in a hurry it does not mean that the faster you do and probably also going to hurt. “When I played basketball I had a very good coach who repeated it hundreds of times this sentence.

For the sociological analysis we are better experienced than me, I observe only that the speed and simplicity are two of the desires deeper that individuals have always been when it comes to doing strenuous things, stealing time to moments of joy, leisure or rest.

However, when these desires are transformed in their products that is fast and easy, we are faced with the contraindications, to contradictory behavior or even counterproductive for those who act them.

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Among the many phrases that are posted on social networks two, in my opinion, I am very appropriate; the first is Albert Einstein and the second of the French writer Georges Bernanos:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simplistic. – Albert Einstein”

“What you call simplicity is precisely the opposite. You are easy, not simple. – Georges Bernanos”

Faster, easier…

Faster & easier it is now pervasive behavioral trends that influence styles of consumption and, unfortunately, those learning and relational.

This style of action in some cases causes a sort of diagnosable, that of psychic weakness, inability to sustain the effort and depth, with its heavy emotional states: anxiety, frustration, contempt, embarrassment etc.

The paradox in all this is the impact that the new habits have on marketing and sales. Marketing, which was one of the causes of these behaviors, now suffers the effects. Companies are faced with a new communication paradigm that cannot yet handle all the way.

Desire, Promise, Excitement, Action, Contentment

The speed and ease of use are two important elements in the product proposition, especially in the B2C market. In just a few seconds to find, order, pay and take according to a quick scheme in sequences.

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But then what practical information we can gather to attract customers and keep the ones we have?

Here are five suggestions:

  1. You appear deep but you’re on the surface, the true depth could alienate your customers. Form is substance.
  2. It adopts a communicative persistence, which tends to immanence; flocking your client’s mind before it is crowded by others. Communicates often, after 72 hours of absence begins oblivion
  3. Be quick, but do not rush; simplify life, but do not be too easy
  4. Response emotionally with ethics, integrity and professionalism: the emotions are tools that act on the low road of decision-making.

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