5 tips to make love last a lifetime

Make Love Last
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Although there is no secret recipe, there are a few basic ingredients…

1- Certain independence: Activities separate from each partner. Have certain activities that do not out the relationship at risk, but it gives both the necessary space to develop their personality. Share and enrich each other. This helps to strengthen what had already formed.

2- Spend time alone to the couple: To have a caring, intimate relationship you must spend quality time with each other.  Sometimes it gets tricky work schedules and extended family commitments but it is crucial to seek exclusive time for both.

3- A sense of humor:  Laughing together find the funny side to relativism situations and to manage them better.

4- Behave as a team against external problems: No enfranchise, but working together to succeed. The bottom line so that everything goes well, despite the passage of time. Do not forget caresses and words say accomplices, support, encourage, nourish affection and sense of security. Thus, couples become best friends and lovers. This last detail has its hormonal explanation.

“The key to make love last? The absolute support for any new event” Lucy Brown… An expert in neuroanatomy of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine (USA).

5- Maintain physical contact: According to Larry Young, partners phase there is less dopamine release, and if you stop having sex, oxytocin levels fall. To maintain these levels should be kissing, hugging and having sex. Dopamine meet new and challenging environments and situations. Therefore, the magic combination suggests having romantic dates, go on vacation to new places and, once again, to have sex. The result is seen in the brain: couples who have more than 20 years together the globus pallidus is active in the brain.

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Inhospitable land: Separation

“If it occurs after a long relationship, the molecule stress is released, the CFR (corticotrophin releasing factor), which can produce similar to those of depression symptoms. This is one reason why they can usually return: to avoid the misery of separation,” Young explains. This pain is positive. It protects us from breaking relationships lightly and makes us fight to keep them.

If the break is in the phase of maximum speed, pain joins the obsession with achieving the objective. Instead of referring increases because the face of adversity, the production of dopamine triggers to achieve. Therefore, it is hard to follow with your life and forget about this person: love her more intensely.

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