5 tools that will help you start your own company

5 tools to startup
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The road of entrepreneurship is as satisfying as sometimes complicated. When presenting a new business, the number of issues to manage can be overwhelming. Similarly, cost control is one of the challenges that many small entrepreneurs.

Fortunately, more and more tools on the market that help the self to start your new business with minimal investment, you have some of the best…

Excellent corporate image design

You may count on a really tight budget, but not have to give up having professional logo for your company or improve the SEO of your website. Fiverr is a marketplace service that allows you to hire a new brand image or make a customized marketing plan from only 5$. You can request design work, programming, translation, advertising, video, animations…

The initial price you must add all those special requests that you require. Just contact the professional that best suits your needs on the platform and make the request.

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Be the most efficient project planning

The organization of ideas, tasks and resources is key to achieving the objectives; Trello is a tool that can help your development plan. Its strong point is simplicity; you can organize tasks through boards and generate a card for each of the tasks.

All team members can develop and write on the cards by adding the information they consider relevant. You can check at a glance whether you are achieving the objectives.

Surround yourself with the best

Your budget for recruitment also be reduced does not mean you cannot have the most qualified: Upwork is a site location freelance profiles for all kinds of tasks. Only the project should be published on the web and select the necessary professionals, the service are paid once delivered and approved the work.

Ask your client

To advance faster a business idea is necessary to have constant customer feedback; a very simple way to do this is through online surveys. Both Typeform as monkey survey, are good examples. The way to activate is very simple, just choose the questions to ask and include the list of emails that you send. If you do not have the email account of your customers you can publish in a public access from your website.

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Your contacts are gold, generate well

Your suppliers and customers are key to ensure success in your business and therefore need exceptional attention. So you can make a more effective management of your professional contacts without losing any calls. Some telecommunication service provides a second virtual line associated with the principal with the version number. You can identify all business calls separating these personnel environment, generate specific voice mailboxes for every need and control communications at all times and easily through a management app.

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