7 Principles for Becoming a Successful Millionaire

Become a Millionaire
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The old saying goes that to become a millionaire is not about money but of mentality . We heard many stories of people who win the lottery and become millionaires and after a few years returned to the same or worse off than they were before.

From my point of view, the money used to potential the features of a person; that is why a person with little financial education will be doomed to repeat the same situation as opposed to one that if this educated financially. For many millionaires become wealthy success lies in the habits and principles which are fully and discipline.

This article of LifeStyleQA is inspired by an excellent book “Think Like a Millionaire” of Dr. Camilo Cruz have also investigated many millionaires principles apply in your life to build his fortune and you present them in a list format. I hope you find it useful and can apply to become the millionaire you want to be.

How to become a millionaire

1. Associate with right people

This principle applies the saying “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. Robert Kiyosaki mentioned that your income is the average income of the 5 persons who identified these and more frequent.

Millionaires know the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people. Over 90% of success is determined by your reference group. If you want to be successful ten conversations more often quality and not quantity that help you develop as a person or solve any problems in your business, surround yourself with successful, happy and optimistic people have clear goals and is fighting to get ahead.

“Surround yourself with people who will rise to the top,” Oprah Winfrey

2. Develops a mind of wealth

As mentioned at the beginning of this writing is all about attitude and this principle is to develop a mentality of abundance in your life.

You have the choice of which will be your fate will be shaped by your thinking. If you have a fixed idea of ​​achieving financial freedom so dear to many your mind is not going to be alert to anything that can help you achieve it.

Many people mistakenly think that money will solve their problems other but have associated the issue of money emotions, attitudes and negative thoughts have much so amazing money seems to “be a millionaire” “Wealth” “Economic Freedom” contains a negative connotation”.

Reprogram your subconscious mind with ideas, beliefs and right thinking about money.

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your thoughts.”

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3. Be decided and action-oriented

In this first lesson it is very simple: the action is the catalyst for turning dreams into realities . A dream does not become a goal is not a good sleep; a goal that is not accompanied by a plan is not a good goal and a plan that is carried out is not a good plan. It takes persistence and a great virtue that govern your life before they reach situations that make you go back and disappoint your goals; recalls that the persistence starts when the motivation is completed. The only way to succeed is acting.

“I am convinced that half separates the successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful it is perseverance.” – Steve Jobs.

4. Dare do what you really want and love to do

Research shows that 85% of people find the work they do there is no challenge or motivation. However, these same studies show that these same people do nothing to change this resigned to his own death.

“I find that you enjoy doing and do not work another day” is the saying that is associated with this principle and the millionaires are very clear usually say they did not work even one day because they did was fun workplace.

It will probably be an important decision for you to decide which company to create or surrounded by such work choose alternatives; the key is finding what you love to do and dedicate yourself to that field. Only you can make that decision.

“Cries!! Struggle! Do what you like, what you feel inside you.” – Charles Chaplin.

5. Dare to dream big dreams

The winners are visionaries who dare to dream big dreams. You have to learn to move in the direction of your dreams, simply daydreaming and large will help you improve your self-esteem and confidence level. The dreams and visions have a rich future will stimulate you to be better, even in situations not excel in yet.

Take the opportunity to dream, to fantasize, imagine what you want to accomplish in your life, how much money you want to win and lifestyle have.

“If you have a dream in your heart, and I really believe in you risk it becoming reality.” – Walt Disney.

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6. Agree 100% responsibility for your financial position

Expressions, How do I do not understand where the money goes? Much evident inability to maintain your finances under control. This lack of this responsibility can be seen easily in many people and in many cases this personal discipline is carried out in their business; remember that a business is an extension of the entrepreneur and founder and therefore the success or failure of personal finances will be closely linked with that of your business.

Millionaires know and accept this responsibility without question; on the other hand the average person trying to justify this inability to control their finances to political, economic or other factors.

“If you were born poor is not your fault, but if you die poor that if it’s your fault.” – Bill Gates

7. Prioritizes your activities and focus on one thing at a time

This is a principle that can start taking your own life is the hardest thing to do, but also the most important if you want to succeed. The formula before starting any project or business is to make a list and prioritize each of the activities of that list.

In setting priorities and continuously focus on those most value will develop the habit of high performance that guarantees you success in your life. You must discipline yourself to do the self you know you have to do, when you must do, do it willy-nilly.

“Writing down your goals increases the likelihood of achieving them by 1000%” – Jim Rhon

After reading the article I ask this question: Are you applying the principles to be a millionaire?

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