7 steps to achieve a healthy lifestyle

Achieve a healthy lifestyle
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Some tips for a better quality of life include exercising, rest, drink lots of water and relax next to your friends. We know that maintaining a healthy lifestyle may seem difficult among many activities in the day. Work, eat what we can where we can and there is no time to rest, but maintain a balanced life means organizing your schedule to incorporate these seven tips to make you feel full and happy.

1) Exercise: You would have said many times, but it’s true. Exercise helps you lose weight, but also improve the health of your heart and lungs also can prevent and even control diseases such as cancer, hypertension and depression and helps to lower cholesterol. Exercise improves sleep quality and helps regulate stress, so that anxiety and mood is regulated. Do you see why so much on exercise insists?

2) Sleep: Sleep equals a healthy body. Why? There are some cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic diseases that are linked to the quality of sleep, which is why the importance of sleep you need. Remember it’s not just sleep, to maintain a healthy body need quantity, but also quality. Try to sleep 6 to 8 hours daily, in a comfortable environment free from noise and light and airy.

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3) Relax: Any threat that our body receives, either physically as pain, illness or hunger, or psychological such as depression and anxiety, stressful. The continuous state of this condition causes the body to lose muscle mass and more fat to accumulate, also raises blood pressure and lowers levels of good cholesterol. All this is reflected in a weight gain that generates increased risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. Try to practice yoga or meditation, listening music you relax or read a book, relax your mind.

4) Constantly visit your trusted doctor: Do not visit your doctor just to cure you, do also to prevent. The doctor can guide you to modify risk factors for ailments that do not yet have symptoms. Always remember that most diseases can be cured if they are detected early. Do not forget realize a check-up.

5) Drink plenty of water: From 6 to 8 glasses a day are essential to stay hydrated, water also helps to have a good digestion, maintain proper body temperature and eliminate substances that do not need through sweat and urine. Remember that most of the nutrients we get from food can be used by the human body through the water.

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6) Avoid smoking and alcoholism: Did you know that the WHO reports that avoid drinking alcohol and snuff can prevent gastritis, cancer and liver disease? Do not forget that the consequences of smoking and alcoholism are harmful to both you and those around you. Everything in moderation, try to play a sport and see how slowly letting go those vices.

7) Coexists: Mental health is part of your being. Performs activities to distract you from the problems of the day and relax. How about visiting new and different places or take a walk in the park? Have fun with those you love most.

Now that you know these tips, put them up. Always remember that health is not merely the absence of disease, but the perfect balance between your body, your mind and your spirit. Do not forget, a healthy body is a happy body.

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