7 things a woman wants in a relationship

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Do you want your relationship to work? Then it is important to know the needs that have a woman when starting a life together with another person. Remember that women are, in general, romantic, dreamy and we want our couple life a life partner, someone with whom to share good times and bad times and which, little by little, start create a halo of very different familiarity that you have with other friends. In this article we will discover you 7 things a woman wants in a relationship so you can take them into account and thus get your life together are full and satisfying for both.

A little romance

Let’s leave behind the clichés promulgated by tales of Disney or Hollywood films. XXI century women do not need any man to be happy nor need to get up every day with a bouquet of flowers in the room. We do not move on.

But we are more independent and free do not mean that from time to time, do not expect our partner a romantic gesture or an unexpected detail. In fact, these little surprises that we can incorporate into our daily manage to keep alive the flame of love, break up the monotony and make for a long time that happens, you continue each other, which is essential for a relationship go all right.

Thus, among the 8 things that women want a relationship, controlled romanticism is one of them. One day you receive it at home with a romantic dinner, for example, you will love; a Saturday morning you sell your eyes and take her to the beach for a snack by the sea is another great plan. How you see, are little details and romantic ideas that will make the sea feel special, besides feeling that you still want to make her happy.

Besides partner, let it be your friend!

A woman searches a man to that person you have moments of intimacy and romantic plans but also wants to find that other fellow fun and friendship with which to go to bowling, make a hiking trail party with your friends. A closed relationship in which the couple makes plans only “couple” is doomed to fail because, sooner or later, one of the two end up getting bored of this life together and end with it.

For this reason, if you want your relationship to have a future, it is imperative that, in addition to loving, be the friend of your girlfriend. Occasionally include it in your plans with your group of friends (barbecues, dinners, outings, etc.) and thus consanguine is relation from another point; yes: when you are in society you have to try to leave you a little air to each other, i.e. not be all the time together, giving them kissing or cuddling making them because what we want is to learn to see you, too, as friends.

It therefore different, fun and do not close your plans to meet new people, well, you will succeed to create a bond between you stronger than the pure love relationship and you will have a great go where you go.

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Together both in good times and bad

Besides all this, a woman wants her partner support at all times, in good times and bad, that is, if you have good news to tell ten almost certain that you’ll be the first person they communicate it and so will the bad news. Therefore, it is important to know to be there, advise, listen and give your honest opinion with tact and respect.

But it is not only important to be receptive to these moments but she also wants you to tell her the same thing, just so you know for sure you’re a team and that the two are in the same plane. If you never accounts problems or prefer to speak them with friends and not with her, you end up believing you do not trust your relationship and, therefore, can start to weaken.

Make plans together

Another of the things a woman looks for in a relationship is that your partner will take time and do things together. There are some couples who end up falling into the routine and just sharing moment’s sofa or leaving home only when staying with family or friends. Error! It is important to spend time with your partner, make plans together, have fun and be the best companions you can have. This is closely related to the previous look you have said about being friends with your partner then, only then, you can enjoy romantic moments plus fun times, something that every relationship needs.

For this reason, do not be conformed to the relationship and just book one day a week to do something together, one day just for you. That day can go for a bike ride, before enjoying a meal anywhere and afternoon session movies at home or go to the movies, for example. Another plan you can do is a getaway romantic weekend in a cottage or in a small hotel beach, out of the routine Always feel good!

Continue caring passion and sensuality

Many men are accommodated when they have a girlfriend and eventually stop working essential aspects such as, sensuality. This is an aspect of the most important because sex is one of the main engines of a relationship and if that fails, the relationship will hardly enter insecurities well as games, complex, distrust, and so on.

Be creative in sex, try new things and be spontaneous is something that every woman will thank you in bed because monotony is the worst enemy of passion. So get your more playful side and dare to propose new experiences to your partner, surprise her one day with an erotic massage or introduce new sexual games in bed. Surely you will love.

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Sincerity, the best weapon to make a relationship work

A woman also appreciates very much your partner is sincere then, only then, you can build a relationship of trust, stable and secure in the two senates the strength of your union. As we talked earlier about the importance of mutual support, sincerity also very closely linked to this issue is that your girlfriend will value much you open yourself to her completely transparent, that if you have to mourn, you cry, and if you have to laugh, laugh.

But besides this, a woman also wants to be told things in the face, both the good and the bad as well, can be decisive and seeking solutions to any problems that may arise. Being honest is one of the most sought after features among girls as they allow, before any discussion can talk without discuss, exchange views and opened without lies.

The importance of respect

And finally, any woman needs the respect, whatever the level of life that we try, that is, looking for a person that respects their way of being, their ideals and their way of living life. There is nothing more toxic to a relationship that members are not respected and try to impose another way of living life as this is something unnatural, forced and that eventually end up running out.

Your girlfriend will need to respect their private life, the life you have without you, do not get upset when you leave with her friends to understand that having an independent life and to not throw any blame for it. Be tolerant partner is essential.

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