7 Useful attitudes to eliminate debts

Eliminate Debts
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Why do we see our financial obligations as a major obstacle? We tell you how to modify the way you see them…

Many people have strange attitudes toward money…!

A few days ago I was buying a suit when the opportunity to talk with the selling emerged. It was an extremely smart girl … until I started talking about finances.

“I do not know how there are people who eat out every day. It’s too expensive. I can only do it occasionally, but not always. I prefer to bring my food.” After watching I asked, “Why do you say it’s too expensive?”

She continued that had several debts loans student who was not allowed to do anything. Then she mentioned that she had to support her three children as well.

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I can understand your problem because last year I finished what I had to pay my college ($50000) and my credit cards (other $50000). I had the chance to say what I’m going to tell you right now:

You cannot make money if you do not think properly about your financial commitments.

If you spend thinking about debts, only you attract. However, if you concentrate on wealth, you call. In short, you should stop living to pay what you owe and start working on building a heritage.

Let me explain this concept a little more, when you spend pondering your debts, you let your brain drown in an attitude of despair. Then you start to work long hours (which does not necessarily mean working smarter) and short-term planning.

Across the spectrum of debt is the financial health. Of course, making money is a more positive experience to deal with endless debts. When you focus your brain to generate a heritage, it encompass to thoughts of prosperity and power.

This is not to ignore your debts, but to change your attitude to not get frustrated with them. Here are seven quick tips to start changing your perspective on debts

  1. Think about wealth, not debt: If you are spending most of your time thinking about money, why not do it in a positive way? Plan to make money leads you to be more creative, while frustrated with only debts off you.
  2. Pay your debts with a vengeance: The next time you come a collection, cover it with ease. If you do it bother you are admitting two things:
  • Money will not come easily
  • You are not enjoying getting out of debt.

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  1. Bless all you have: Appreciate what you have allows you to generate more. Basically you are telling your brain “More of this pleases.” Take an inventory of everything you own and give thanks for it.
  2. Stay away from people “moral bankruptcy”: There are hundreds of individuals who have thousands of tricks to achieve wealth. Stay away from these charlatans. The money comes with a constant effort to meet the right people who can connect with the right partners.
  3. Stop sharing the debts: The thoughts and words have power too. If you spend complaining about your debts to others, you will not attract the people that can help you generate the income you need. Again, this is not to ignore the debt if not give full weight in your life.
  4. Inspired: Dare to ask for a test drive the car you so desire. Visit mansions; plan the vacation of your dreams. You start thinking, “How I can get this?”
  5. Indulge: You cannot live tied to your debts. Not that going to spend all your money on holders of gold, but buy something you want (wisely) occasionally help your self-esteem and this in turn will affect your bank account.

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