7 ways to say “hello” rarest of the world

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Despite geographical and cultural barriers, the need to communicate whenever we finally get to understand the other. However, if we really want to integrate into the culture that welcomes us, we should at least learn to say hello the right way, following protocol guidelines.

Throughout the world, the simple act of saying “hello” or greet the known or unknown that crosses our path requires a unique process that is rarely understood beyond the cultural framework in which we find ourselves. For example, Muslims take arms and say As-Salamu-alaykum, “Peace be with you” wanting the removal of sorrows and problems. Then we will discover the most original seven, extending a catalog of gestures and we gave…

  1. Tibet

Tibetan monks for the greeting is sticking out his tongue. Sometimes also they placed the palms of his hands before the chest to demonstrate that go in peace. This custom started as a way to show others that were not the reincarnation of a fearsome king who was believed to have a black tongue.

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  1. Japan

In Japan, it is customary not greet with a kiss or a handshake, but rather with a bow. The inclination of the bows, must be in accordance with due respect.

  1. India

In India, it is very popular the “Namaste”, a greeting that represents respect and veneration. It runs with palms stuck together against each other, chest to below the chin while the word is pronounced.

  1. Oman

In Oman, the men were pressing their noses often greet one another, so that their mouths are close together.

  1. Tuvalu

In this country of Polynesia cheeks are placed next to each other and breathe deeply with your nose to the neck.

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  1. Malawi

In North Africa, the tribe Nga, considers that kissing should never happen, because through them the soul can escape: greet each other shaking the penis two or three times. The Danes, unlike most countries, no kissing, and their greeting is a hug.

  1. Eskimos

No kissing rubbing his nose, as popularly believed, and not even think to mention it because the mere suggestion of this gesture irritates them. What if practiced in the Kunik, a sort of snort of affection that mainly employ mothers with their children, but so do the couples.

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