9 tips to keep your hotel’s reputation

Keep your hotels reputation
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Many managers and hotel owners know that it is increasingly common for Internet users seeking information about their establishments on the Internet and that, before deciding whether to set aside there. The popularity of hotel review sites is only part of the issue; there is also a lot of blog posts and more general social networks like Facebook. Therefore, it is increasingly important for hoteliers follow the evolution of views on their establishments from what has been published on the Web.

To facilitate the subject a little less experienced in LifeStyleQA we put together a list of 10 tips to keep the reputation of a hotel on the Internet. Come to the list:

1) Monitor what is published about hotels, something simple to do with tools like Google alerts or back type for the case of blogs.

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2) Making other staff of the company is interested in the subject and help in the tasks of monitoring and response.

3) Be proactive… therefore, answer queries and complaints that let users in public places.

4) Encourage those who stayed in your hotel and are satisfied to leave comments telling their real experience. The latter is important: no one asks guests not to tell the truth, it only seeks to tell others that went well. Remember that usually are the ones who have complaints that most want to express themselves on the Internet.

5) Use feedback from users to improve the weak points of your service.

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6) Use the feedback from your customers in your communication strategies.

7) Note that the comments of users can have much impact on your business.

8) Think of solutions that automate the monitoring process of the comments on the Web, as in particular for medium and large hotels are already investing in IT.

9) Participate in conversations with other people and users about the evolution of social services related to travel and hospitality.

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