A single wall to decorate your space, a concept that lasts over time

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The concept of having a wall completely different to all the others that highlights the decoration and interior style of a space has become a new trend. Some decades ago, we had seen walls painted a different color or any other giant posters with photographs of landscapes. The idea was, and still is, to give it a different touch to a space and break the color and style of the other walls.

Today, the concept of single wall seems to be back with some renewed concepts textured, colorful images that are more attached to the decorative trends. Then let’s take a tour of some ideas that might inspire us to redecorate our living room, our kitchen and our bedroom wall with a star that much style to our spaces.

Wooden panels

One of the great decorative trends for a single wall is wooden panels that can be applied on a neutral wall. This finish gives it a style elegant and warm space where they go to market. You can choose different types of wood and colors depending on the style you want or the intensity of light that you have in your home.

Vertical garden wall

The vertical garden wall is also part of the current trends in interior decoration. This way of having plants placed vertically as if it were a painting is highly original. If you can do it is best to choose a very large frame that allows you to cover a large area and have various plants. Besides this type of decoration it is evolving as you plants grow and may even flourish.

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Art large format

The art can become your greatest ally when wanting to decorate a space. In this case it is best to select a large painting that can hang on the wall as a wall designs star. When you do it is important to paint the wall in a neutral color that will allow your artwork to highlight in its entire splendor.

Landscape Poster

The giant poster with a photograph of a landscape is a classic that we saw in the 80s and could be back wall to decorate some spaces. This decorative style is a little hard to accommodate as you have to be perfectly sure you will not get bored of the same landscape after a few months. And with the passage of time the image can lose its luster and stop being nice. But for fans of the great sights on the wall, this option is very valid.


The wallpaper is a well-known use for decorating our walls. However, the use of a single wall with wallpaper with a very special decoration with the other walls painted a single color can be an interesting decorative option. There wallpaper easily removable it can be more practical for you to change more easily. So you could change the style of your wall more often.

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Decorative Stickers

The decorative stickers have been placed for some time as a contemporary decor very interesting option. They are easy to apply and remove so that you can change frequently. Figures and colors available in the market are very different. They come with abstract shapes and drawings are elements of nature or many other topics. The decorative stickers are certainly more so slight and temporary to give an original personalized touch to a wall.

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