Removing abdominal fat… impossible?

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Look in the mirror and see that, usually in the abdomen in both men and women fat is our daily bread. And the question that many are asking is removing abdominal fat… impossible?

The answer is clear: of course not, but it is not so simple. Localized fat in the abdomen area, plus an eyesore that creates many complexes requires hard work to remove it, and repeat: work. Today, we tell you how.

Look enviable abdomen is the great goal for many of us, but is able to eliminate localized fat in the abdomen through abdominal exercises? Are they really effective?

Before discussing this topic, it is important to not to fall into deception. Everyone has seen television commercials magical or miraculous devices that oppress us and make us sweat jets but that sculpt our abdominal area and effortless charm: Deception!

Do not fall into such traps. First thing we must be clear and continue to analyze the feasibility of removing localized abdominal fat without miracles… but with hard work .

What science says…?

There are all kinds of opinions about whether or not you canlose fat. Most studies are based on comparing fat loss is achieved by adding or removing abdominal exercises to different routines.

For example, results have been compared between effects of aerobic endurance exercise (without caloric restriction) on the abdominal fat, or the effectiveness of localized fat loss through diet and exercise or such diet alone.

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The results are often similar; on the one hand there are no significant losses in body weight and body fat percentage although muscle is improved resistance of the worked area from the rest of groups.

And those working area of course are essential and will report, but it is not enough if our goal is to get rid of localized fat in the abdomen area.


When we lose body fat, we will lose fat all around our body at a time (not just the abdominal part that alone would get with a magic wand). The problem is that in those areas where it has accumulated more fat amount, the task is more complicated and slower.

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But nothing is impossible, you just need to know how to work and be consistent from day to day without deception or to be driven by only hundreds of crunches or sit-ups a day as “authentic possessed” exercises.

The correct way to look good six-pack, and forget localized abdominal fat is achieved by working with insulin sensitivity and increased muscle mass. How does that achieved?

Neither encampment follow through diet, not only with work or abdominal exercise is the key combination of both: a good job with fillers, accompanied by cardiovascular sessions and, above all, a good diet.

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