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Create your company
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There are useful tips before, during and after launch. They are perhaps the most if you must. The future strength of your business may depend on them. Despoils can have negative implications on your finances, your marketing and your sales

1. It is a misconception that only ride your company to make money

If you’re only planning to get rich, you’re a very bad way. You have to have vocation entrepreneur. First ask yourself what kind of company you want to create, and what future prospects. There are entrepreneurs who set up their business only because they are unemployed and have no other way out, or not sold. It is a continual source of problems. As much as you associate with motivated people, if something goes wrong, you’ll throw in the towel at the first opportunity.

2. We desecration so easily…

Entrepreneurs forget the main objective of a business: sell, sell and sell. Focus on quality and at the time of sale of your product or provide your service, and have a good after-sales department and the rest, sub-contractual. Supervision, but I externalize: So you do not know what to do and what you require an effort to remove you sell. If you dream about your idea instead of bills, are you going to occur many more ideas? But beware, that means not underrepresented.

3. You do not sell what you want, but what people want to buy

When you start your business, is not as important to well-defined business plan three years to know where your income will come. To do it right, not just do the math, you also have to go out and talk with potential customers and those of your sector. This will surely lead to redo your initial idea. A good plan and a market study done by the entrepreneur himself, door to door, is reasonable assurance of success.

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4. Do not give more laps … and mounts and your company!

If you’ve delivered the papers, although they have not yet gone through the paperwork, you can start trading with your company taking advantage of the loopholes. If you expect to collect the documentation, you may leave it in the way customers waiting periods or leave in a month may not be the best for your business.

5. Flee exaggerations in your business plan

Your business plan has to be realistic, no will be world leaders conquer the 1% of the Chinese market, we have no competition, our technology is unique a plan no longer a sale. In fact, the first action of your company is selling your company to your investors, whether it’s a bank or as a private investor…

6. It does not matter at what time to market your business spears

Plans and decided to create your company in advance, trying whenever possible you that the beginning of your operations coincides with the calendar year. Do not think of subsidies as the basis for your company when you want to start a business … all I get is wasting time. Yes, research exemptions and subsidies that exist for entrepreneurs.

7. A good agenda never replace the business planning

Entrepreneurs rely too much on our agenda and we think that a business grows because. We thought that was enough with a web and the good reception of our product, but after exhausting our contacts, and until customers began to repeat; the problem began to enter the market and establishing ourselves.

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8. Hang on to your payroll

If you or any of your partners disposes a payroll campaigned keep it and your work with the entrepreneurial activity until the business starts. Even if it means a double effort, if there are problems, it can be a guarantee against an increase of credit.

9. The legal form, taxes, contracts … all this is the easiest

The obstacles that you find are not usually those who foresee. There are questions that seem difficult and resolved to pay 170 dollars a notary. The problems are not limited to: fire standards, licenses to handle hazardous substances or the need to develop a project before lifting a ship.

10. What do you have forgotten that you’re going to have competition?

For if you do not yet have said, you will always have competition! Before, during and after … you start your business. A first signal to see if your business plan works or not when you reflect on it that you have no competition or mention how you forget it and not only competition I mean direct, indirect also. It’s really hard to be alone in the marketplace.

11. Wait for the seated customers? A mistake

You cannot open the door of your company and start thinking about that moment in Co-Mo captures them. That work should have done it before. It is best to have some customers who will ensure a minimum income, or at least be clear about how they are going to come through your door. First-business is often poorly capitalized and cannot empty their resources ahead of time.

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