An email, a virus and goodbye to work and accumulated data

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For years when you thought a virus many users imagine that an infection caused a catastrophe not allowed to use the computer or leave it useless. Well, for most malware it is not exactly true and what data were sought were of interest or a bad performance of the team gradually caused. So far, where an email and a virus can pose goodbye to work and accumulated data in a computer station.

This is the ransomware, malware that encrypts the user information and demands a ransom for his recovery. And had long acting, especially in the last two years, but last March successive waves that broke records of infections according to Security Company launched ESET. Among the countries that have been observed more detections such as Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland or New Zealand.

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Among the variants that have been observed featured the return of TeslaCrypt in the form of email that supplants Post or CTB-Locker, designed to encrypt files on Web servers. But the most damaging variants have been Locky and TeslaCrypt, which also use the mail as the main vector of attack, various issues to try to deceive their victims and get them to execute malicious attachment used.

One also appeared as Petya ransomware, which encrypts a portion of the boot disk used to locate all files stored sector. Thus, the system and all files are inaccessible unless the ransom paid by criminals. This assumes that the computer is useless and unless you format and reinstall, recovering files from the backup does not return to where it was.

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With the new campaign income tax this type of virus will have a new hook with which try to trick users. It is essential to note that you should not run any file that you receive in the mail, i.e. files if we have the application that opens installed on your computer, do not open. In these cases better analyze the same if we suspect with the antivirus.

Not only we provoke damage to our equipment, but other network can be affected, as the ransomware can attack the shared folders that have on the network. The disaster that can bring to a business is considerable, especially if for any reason there is no quick way to data recovery.

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