Apple, Google and Samsung lead the ranking of the most successful technology brands in the world

The most successful technology brands
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Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon, Microsoft …. impossible not to have heard of these brands, even if the world of new technologies is not of interest. They seem to dominate the world, so that no one will be surprised to discover that also top the list of the most valuable tech companies.

And that is using the occasion of one of the events most important sector worldwide, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, ​​from Brand Directory have launched their annual review of the most successful tech brands in the world, providing information such as the current economic value of each of the signatures.

The list is headed by Apple and a stratospheric distance of all its competitors, making it unlikely that someone reach over the next few years. With a value of 145.000 million dollars, it has grown 14% since last year despite not very rosy predictions by experts. While it is true that there has been a growth slowdown after the boom that marked the launch of the iPhone 6 at the end of 2014, the fact that it has managed to not only maintain but increase sales in a saturated market is more than encouraging.

Google comes second with a value of 94,184 million, an increase of 23% over last year, and finally getting snatch second place to Samsung.

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And this year has not been the best for Asian company that has seen its value reduced by 13% from the 81,716 million dollars in 2015 to 71,214,000; but by contrast, it has been restored to the AAA category thanks to the good reception of the Galaxy S6.

Amazon up from fifth to fourth, with growth of 24%, and after beating the expectations of analysts in the last three quarters. Revenues from services “Prime” delivery in 24 hours have been a major growth driver, which have supported developing original content within the brand itself, and following the path initiated by Netflix (which would stand outside the top 10, but in a very good position 42 after a significant leap). Although the smartphone Amazon Fire was much less successful than expected, the tablet version is being much better received.

I completed the top 5 Microsoft, which has hardly increased in value over last year.

Facebook has been one of the technology companies that has grown

Then they come, in this order, Microsoft, GE, Facebook (the company that grew last year, up 41%, which has earned him jump from position 9 to 7), IBM, Intel and Oracle.

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It is worth emphasizing the case of Facebook, a brand tech that has made enormous progress this year, and has been one of the firms that has increased in value in recent years, rising from 5,570 million in 2013 to 34,002 million today. Outside the tech world, Facebook is now the 18th most valuable brand in the world (compared to the 30th position it occupied last year). The firm has been able to maximize its monetization, especially taking advantage of the potential of advertising through the smartphone. Its revenues for 2015 were, in fact, 51% higher than in 2014, and that growth was driven primarily by the growth of mobile advertising.

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