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Today I want to give you 5 tips on how to manage time that will make your life happier and peaceful. Use time well is a matter of organization.

More in less time = Good! This formula causes us stress that we are not aware sometimes.

We think that as we fulfill the list of things to do, we will be happy. And we postpone our welfare at a time that never comes, because we always find more things to do, more projects to work on, more ways to improve and optimize. And happiness, well-being and tranquility, at the door, waiting for us to give them welcome.

We aim to be more productive and increase efficiency can often lead to obsession. And that can be a disease.

Here are some clear signs that have contracted the productivity

  • Inability to sit for long periods of time while you play with your children or stay with friends.
  • You feel that saving time is a major achievement. Empty inbox in 40 seconds less than yesterday is cause for a monumental celebration.
  • You see unacceptable stand in a queue or in a conveyance without thinking about work or something productive.
  • Inability to sit alone quietly, doing nothing but being with yourself.
  • Guilt and anxiety when we are not doing something productive.
  • Pressure to do everything very quickly.

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There is nothing wrong with being productive, the problem occurs when happiness is determined by productivity

I found myself caught up in this great problem of time management. Being obsessed with making more money, be a better employee, a better partner, a better person, more organized a more pleasant person. All these things seem noble activities, but when you lose sight of intentions, you become a slave to your goals.

Our obsession with our goals has moved us from inspiration to slavery. I know I’m not the only one who has experienced this. Sometimes we find it hard to remember the real reason for our goals.

We are so obsessed with the result that even enjoyed them when they arrive. We are already caught the next target.

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If you feel like you’re drowning in your own expectations, it is time to stop and think about where your life is going. If your “sacrifices” are making you unhappy, maybe not worth giving them priority, just ask. Does this make me feel alive?

Have the courage to reevaluate and give a new priority to your goals at any time. Your life is not static.

“If you do not like where you are, move. You’re not a tree.” Jim Rohn.

Meditates and seeks the best answer for you.

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