Avoid these three mistakes on a date

Mistakes on a date
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I will concentrate on the first few dates, many times you have wondered what the reason you’re still hen parties, that all relationships have just very quickly, which makes every time you feel more frustration, and almost sure to fulfill any of these errors or even all.

The first mistake that many people make is conformism. If you have gone through numerous failed relationships, for many blind dates, have tried a bit of everything, have tried to find a couple of thousand ways and you have a I am old pretty sure you’re thinking there is not the person you are looking for you, you’ve looked everywhere and as appears you’ve given incidence and have resorted to conformism. You feel in desperate and suddenly find someone who does not really fills you up but as you think you cannot find what you are looking you stay with that person. What usually happens in these situations is not usually last long because eventually can no longer settle more and perhaps one day find what you want and leave everything for that person because the truth that there is nothing more beautiful in this life share it with someone who fills you.

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Before this I advise you is to have an open mind, there are many hen parties s out there and it is very difficult to find what you want, but I assure you that if you do not lose hope sooner or later find it. Think positive, rather of saying “I’ll never find a special person to me” “the person I search not exist”, change all this negativity into something positive like “the person I search there and for sure he is looking for me.”It took me many years to find it but the wait was worth it and now I am the happiest woman in the world.

The second mistake is to confuse love with sexual attraction or chemistry. You may attract much a person but that is not love and we often confuse the two feelings. When someone draws much you think is love, both feelings are very strong and difficult to separate from each other, but I assure you that the attraction is not love.

The third mistake is to think that having a relationship will make you happier, will end with your problems. Think of it as a ransom to the unhappy life you lead. For example, you are a single parent and you think to find a man going to make your child grow up with a father figure, to help you in the work of raising him, to accompany you to play with … this is a bad reason want to find a partner.

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Sure you do not want to hear this, but you need to be happy with yourself before you can be happy with someone else, so until you are well and happy not try dating. There is a phrase that I like saying, “success breeds success and misery needs company” what he means is that if you are happy before you find that person find another happy person to fill your life, you will find love, but if you’re not and you think you can only be with someone else what life will attract to your company but not true love.

Avoid these three mistakes on a date and I can assure you that you are much more likely to be happy and that your relationship is for life.

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