Avoiding someone without noticing

Avoiding someone
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There are many reasons why you might want to avoid someone without realizing: can falling ill, may have been incorrectly carried with you or simply do not want to spend time in her company because they are not related. No matter the reason, if you’ve decided that a person is no longer part of your life without being aware, notes the following tips to get successful in LifeStyleQA as we explain in detail how to prevent someone without noticing.

The truth is that to avoid someone should never be a permanent solution that would be avoiding also facing the problems and resolving them in a mature way, but if you need to give yourself time to take a final decision is not a bad idea at first. Seriously think about whether it is necessary to remove that person from your life. Is it really necessary to avoid someone for your life to change?

If you really think that favor quality of your life, then go ahead with your strategy, however note that it is not the solution to deter that person from your life. Now, coming on as a good way to avoid someone is leaving to answer your calls, messages or communication, if you think you can do it very rough or very dry progressive messages that do not encourage interaction form. Gradually it will mean capturing the hint and do not want to have a relationship.

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The best strategy, as discussed above, is cut all communications, so do not answer, do not follow the pace and stay with that person gradually. You also need to avoid areas where it is very possible that this person is, you have to think about the places they frequent so the more you know about the person, the easier it will be away from your radar. And you avoid unwanted contacts.

Having to avoid someone without noticing require certain changes in routine. You do not have to change your entire life, but if you want to avoid someone will have to do his best not to find that person in certain places, at least until the relationship to cool. If you often go to the same coffee shop every day, find another to take something for a few weeks at least, is conducting temporary small changes in habits until you have a conversation with that person if you want to eventually do.

Remember it is important to clarify the matter face to face to close once the cycle and things take their course, so plan and see the possibility of a conversation.

If you meet the person you want to avoid attempts to ignore it and not make eye contact so they do not feel the urge to reach out and talk. You can even hide the fact that you have not seen on the street and if in the end you to be very cool to have no desire to extend the conversation further. You must ensure that the interaction does not extend in time if you accidentally find yourself, but also must take special care to avoid situations where you may be alone with that person.

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For example if a colleague within your group of friends, will be complex not see and you could be forced to be close, but you can always keep a conversation between the two, a good way for the trance it is you better be in a group, so it will easier to ignore him being around more people.

These solutions can help a person avoid momentarily, but remember it is important to discuss and clarify the issue that bothers you to get reduce tension and discomfort.

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