Benefits of organic farming

Organic Farming
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The benefits of organic farming are reflected in a production of healthy products and sustainable development of the area under cultivation.

What is ecological agriculture?

Organic farming is an agricultural farming system that does not use artificial chemicals or GM. Alternatively, to control pests or to pay the ground; in order to obtain organic food or also called biological, i.e. they are free of any toxic substance generated during production man.

On the other hand, the fertile land is maintained by optimizing natural resources to support a sustainable and organic farming as its name suggests.

As we see the beneficial organic farming are many and affect both land and people.

What is based organic farming?

Organic farming is based on an ecological philosophy of respect for nature and the environment, as the man himself as a direct beneficiary through obtaining natural foods uncontaminated by chemicals.

Contrary to conventional agriculture, ecological goes towards quality and healthy product rather than increasing production.

With regard to the environment, organic farming is based and is intended to increase and extol the health of agricultural systems, biodiversity, biological cycles and soil all with natural and biological techniques.

How organic farming supplements chemical pesticides?

How organic farming eliminates pests without using chemical pesticides it is as follows:

  • Prevention: Prevention of crops are well kept and maintained proper fertilizer and other necessary care. That will boost the natural defenses of plants making them more resistant. In addition to using native plants growing areas, already more protected from local pests.
  • You fight them naturally: Some of the most common weapons of organic farming for pest control are enhancing the natural enemies of unwanted species, which keeps pests at bay also a last resort to natural insecticides are used as pyrethrin extracted from dried chrysanthemum flowers, method used and a thousand years ago by the Chinese.

How organic farming replaced chemical fertilizers?

Organic farming basically uses the very creation of compost to keep the soil fertile. The compost or organic fertilizer is obtained from natural aerobic decomposition (with oxygen) of organic waste and residues animals, vegetables, excrement, etc.

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It is also used the so-called green manure, which consists of burying the decomposed plant serves to pay. One of the most used is legumes, for its abundance of nitrogen.

Another widely used formula for the efficiency of organic farming, both to combat pests and for the richness of the soil, crop rotation is.

It consists of alternating different types of plant species, which benefits the soil because they have different needs nutrients thereof or impoverishment avoiding shortage thereof.

Moreover, it not the same kind of pests to not always find their plants continues.


To organically grown products, do not need to buy them at specialized sites. You can have your little garden on the balcony of your house, on the roof or in a city garden as exist in some cities.

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