Bread and other foods that are not fattening, but they can help you lose weight

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There, when dieting, many foods that need to be claimed because not only do not get fat but can help you lose weight. Then we show some examples.

Bread and similar

All that comes from flour appears to be contraindicated when thin; however, as we said earlier, it’s just a question of choosing them.

The bread is the main battered food in this area and one of the largest eliminated from the diet when trying to lose weight, however, provides only about 100 kcal or less per serving, no sugars but complex carbohydrates and contains almost no fat.

In addition, it has been shown that bread is one of the foods that satiety produced in our bodies, and as we are culturally accustomed to their usual intake, could also facilitate and make more sustainable our weight loss plan.

As if that were not enough, one study found that the intake of fiber – rich bread accentuated weight loss in those who tried to do so, and consumption of white bread did not hinder at all the weight reduction.

Therefore, include bread in the diet not only fat but also can be helpful when trying to lose weight by eating healthy and enjoying food.

Banana, also unjustly mistreated

Inside the fruit, the banana is always the great mistreated by their higher carbohydrate content than the rest of the copies, however, it is a very nutritious food, low calorie density and rich variety of vitamins and minerals that favor care body both inside and out.

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Also, its intake has been shown to induce the release of serotonin, a substance in our body relaxes us, reduces anxiety and helps us to control and food consumption when not hungry, but emotions that lead us to look for food.

On the other hand, it is also a food satiating whose creamy texture and naturally, sweet flavor can help to cook healthier, for example, replacing sugar or butter when preparing sweet dishes.

In addition, a research found that after consumption caloric intake is reduced, partly because of its low glycemic index as always choose not too ripe banana having less sugar and more water and fiber composition.

For these reasons, the banana should not be eliminated from our diet if we try to lose weight.

Chocolate, only healthy sweet?

When we are in slimming plan sweets intake it should be limited, but perhaps the only healthy we can give is allowed intake of chocolate.

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If we choose chocolate with a high degree of purity, we will be adding to your diet good nutrients and antioxidants as well as, calming anxiety and our desire to eat something rich and pleasant.

In addition, it has been shown that consumption a couple of times to the week, as part of the usual diet improves metabolic profile and can help you lose weight.

Then the chocolate, like bread and bananas are foods that are not fattening but on the contrary, can help you lose weight healthily, without prohibiting or eradicate ingredients of our daily food.

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