Australian Scientists Finally Discover Breakthrough Treatment for Joint Pain

Joint Pain
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(Sydney, AU) – Five Hundred Year Old Remedy Gives Joint Pain Suffers a New Lease on Life 

If you are one of 50 million Americans suffering from joint pain, you probably find yourself avoiding activities that you used to love because of achy elbows, hands, knees, or hips.

You are not alone. Joints have a tendency to break down with age, and for tens of millions of Americans problem joints limit mobility and cause nagging pain. There are many products and medicines that claim to dramatically improve your mobility, but do any of them actually work?

The expensive pharmaceuticals prescribed for joint pain do nothing more than mask the problem along with causing unpredictable side effects.

Then, there are joint pain supplements. These can be  more effective than pharmaceuticals at treating the root causes of joint pain because they reduce inflammation from the inside out rebuilding and strengthening the joints.. However, supplements are only part of the solution. You still need something else to provide immediate relief when pain flares up. When pain strikes, you cannot wait weeks- you need relief now.

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For a long time, there was little hope for joint pain sufferers seeking immediate relief. Until recently, when Australian scientists rediscovered a way to combine a rare oil with other joint-supporting natural ingredients. This mystery formula had been used for hundreds of years by the Aborigines in the outback to create an odorless penetrating cream for sore and arthritic joints. Scientists have been studying the incredible benefits of this combination for inflammation and joint pain of all kinds. Scientists have been studying the incredible benefits of this combination has had for inflammation and joint pain of all kinds. People using this powerful combination of ingredients have noticed:

  • Reduced Inflammation & Pain
  • Improved Mobility
  • Enhanced Flexibility
  • Better Joint Lubrication

The power of this incredible substance is in its ability to penetrate the skin deeply and deliver powerful anti-inflammatory substances, such as linolenic and omega 6 fatty acids, where they are needed most. This means targeted relief exactly when and where it’s needed.

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Until recently, this substance has not been widely available outside of Australia… but now thanks to these scientists, there is a formulation of this product commercially available. Already, tens of thousands of people have been shocked and delighted by the effectiveness of this ancient remedy in the form of a product called Freederm AC.

This formulation provides the secret of the aborigines combined with a powerful blend of scientifically engineered inflammation fighters. This product is not available in stores, but you can join over 50,000 customers who have regained control of their lives.

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