Care! These are the 5 most common habits that tend to break couples

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Habits are those customs that are installed in our lives and part of it almost imperceptibly. The bad habits are difficult to eradicate, but in the case of relationships, it is better to identify them early to avoid being the cause of a break of couple.

Banish these habits so that your relationship is not broken!

Do not eat together

According to the psychiatrist Marcos Banschick, do not eat with your partner every day because of work or because they live together can be a strong reason for both distance themselves.

The moment of sharing food brings talk about everyday issues and others that are not so, but also includes making two something that is as pleasurable as it is eating.

Ideally organize to eat together several times throughout the week.

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One of the two never takes the initiative in bed

This can lead to big misunderstandings, for example if your partner never has the initiative, you believe he will not want. Alternatively, that you do not take the initiative might take you not express your need for intimacy, making hold back that feeling.

Demonstrating both its initiative to start the game from time to time, so the other will also feel loved.

Assume that the other knows

Unless your partner is guess, you do not have to assume that you know exactly what you want and you like, or what you are thinking. Similarly, he should not assume that you realize everything you feel or happens.

This leads to misinterpretation, so nothing better than when in doubt ask or else ask for what they want. In addition, never forget to thank, so that the other does not perceive it as a requirement to fulfill.

Discuss by the same issues

When a discussion is recurrent need to pay attention. Usually, when discussing about a topic that has an end or about something is negotiated, or misunderstandings or clarify somehow there is an understanding that implies that not happen again.

But if the same arguments are repeated should be studied in depth what the real reason, most likely under the apparent cause that causes the discussion has hidden something else.

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To be hyper-linked to social networks

 Today hyper connectivity is a source of conflict in many couples. We talked to the other as we write text messages or social networking look.

They should set a time to be with the couple without interruption, including without mobile, social networks, etc., otherwise one of them could believe that he is not interested or feel disengaged.

No one is safe; all couples can fall into these bad habits without realizing it. Which of them will begin to banish?

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