Clothing and accessories you can’t skip out on this winter

Winter Shopping 2016
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The winter is here, but what are the must-haves that every woman should have in the closet to deal with the cold hard style of these days?

Oversized coats, faux leather, nails and platform shoes… You haven’t renewed your wardrobe? No problem!

Shopping in winter (perhaps with a bit of luck during the Sale) runs to your aid.

See in detail what the must-have is this winter and what you can not miss in the closet, including accessories, garments and footwear.

Over-sized coat

Soft, warm and above all comfortable for the cheekiest gal are perfect oversized coats in pastel colors (especially pink powder, for a feminine touch everything). For girls and women from the more classic taste, however, they are a must as plain dark: blue, gray and black.

Nail faux leather

Faux leather (faux so we do not hurt any animals) is timeless. Yes, because it never goes out of fashion, but it can be reinterpreted continually, to suit the needs of fashion. The metal for this winter changes face and is enhanced with studs, metal inserts and details in jewelry.

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Pleated skirt

Light and impalpable, soft as silk, this is the skirt that has won the hearts of fashionistas this winter. To match with knee socks, though very short, or with opaque tights or leggings whether long or knee.

Shirt (Eco) skin

Impossible not to have it! We have seen in many parades, sensual and aggressive, the leather shirt (always strictly Eco) gives a touch to rock winter outfits.

Maxi earrings

Speaking of jewelry and the trend of this winter season is only one: maxi earrings. Oversized earrings are a real must-have for cold days. With a touch of gold and colored lights that open spots on the ears and face everything becomes more glamorous and feminine.

Warm sweater with leggings

Soft and strictly woolen sweaters, wrap the body almost completely, warm the heart and give a touch sensual and feminine that never hurts. Prohibited not having one in the closet, a perfect match is with leggings blacks but unwanted attention to transparency: leggings necessarily thick and opaque!

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Catch hold the Tartan skirts, scarves, capes and coats … nothing escape this craze. Among the must-have of the winter there are clothes and accessories in Tartan. Choose one that suits your style and spread the Tartan-love!


The most popular shoes from the fashion addicts are the platform. Comfortable and easy to match, they make you feel beautiful. The must-have this season is cold platform laced in leather or velvet. You cannot have them!

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