Concentrate working at home, something increasingly difficult

Concentrate working at home
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Within the group of the new autonomous many decide they can carry out their activity from home. Thus maintain low operating costs and, at least until you get a solid customer base, they can get ahead. But they do not expect that working at home is not easy, partly because of our ability to concentrate in an environment that we have not thought to this issue.

And here we are not talking about the workspace. It is true that if we have the possibility of having an office will be easier, if only we can enable a small corner of a room to connect our computer. It is more a matter of habit and routine, to know when our workday begins and when it ends.

The same applies to not distinguish in our work tools, computer or laptop, when we use them for personal entertainment and when our work. This does not help to manage our time and also to improve focus on our workday.

Some tips to improve concentration if you work at home

Beyond the possibilities of working space we have been able to ride, always better in a room in a common room, there are things that help us think we are working.

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Establish a working day with a schedule to meet. Then we can think that if we are working outside these hours, we are lowering our productivity and working overtime or dilating breaks short to rest between tasks. There are also times tend to lengthen the completion of a task unjustifiably if we have no adequate delivery or completion.

User work on the computer, with a background of different personal user we use in our leisure time desktop. Thus unconsciously we assume that we are in our working day.

Suitable personal habits to work at home. Get up, shower, eat breakfast and get dressed before you get to work. There is nothing worse for productivity and the ability to concentrate to get to work in your pajamas, either out of laziness or comfort. In extreme cases, there is self starting the day out into the street to a bar to drink coffee back home and start their workday.

Breaks and disconnection of work items. It’s easy being at home take a look at email, catching up to do something urgent or spend a few minutes, often they are become a couple of hours, to review any outstanding aspect of work we have. We must establish days you will devote ourselves to the family, hanging out with friends, etc.

Limit the use of Smartphone at home. We’re in front of a computer, so the phone will only interrupts us. WhatsApp groups are an enemy to our productivity. Better to use WhatsApp web if a customer contacts us in this way, but nothing more.

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Avoid external interrupts, as they may be called the intercom to let us publicity, the fixed telephone family or friends, etc. In our workday, we must try to be seated and concentrated.

Harnessing the labor flexibility of being your own boss. Not all disadvantages and we have to take advantage of being able to choose or move our schedules as interested. The same if one day we have the opportunity to free catch us we must not miss, sure many weekends we had to rest, just working at home without rest.

If despite maintaining proper discipline we focus not work properly, you may be best to look for an office away from home as we can afford. We have many options to pass even if few hours working outside the home, especially in those periods in which most costs us stay focused.

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