Confidently apply the new rules of fashion

The new rules of fashion
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Confidently apply some current trends

Let’s start the year with optimism and doing our part to look good in every aspect of our lives. It is proven that when we like the way we look we felt immediately better, walk straight and even self-esteem increases.

With all the trends are today, you may try to apply some of them in our clothes not quite right without knowing exactly why not work on us when you look so good in magazines or showcases. Here you will find recommendations so you can confidently apply three trends that continue during this time.

1) Animal prints are a fun way to add life to classic solid colors or outfits, but too much can be fatal. Here are some ways in which animal prints can look very good:

  • A leopard jacket over a simple black dress.
  • A portfolio of zebra can give a fun twist to an outfit of jeans with a leather jacket.
  • A snake print skirt with a white blouse buttons can give you a very authoritative look for the office.

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2) Tights, leggings or super glued corduroy or canvas pants are not for everyone. Although they can be really comfortable, mismatched can be a serious mistake for anyone. These are some appropriate ways to wear them:

  • Combine them with a long sweater with a belt at the waist for a sophisticated look.
  • Buy them in a size larger than usual in other types of clothing that is appropriate to wear in public. You do not have to be super tight.
  • Wear them with a long shirt (tunic) or a sweater that overlaps front but are a long that completely covers the buttocks.

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3) The rigid structure portfolios are perfect when used with outfits that require more formal look. They look good with outfits such pantsuit, skirt or dress took office. Conversely, if we use it when we have a more casual outfit you look overdressed for the occasion. It is best to use portfolios that suit the occasion for which you are dressed. These are some of the ways in which we can demonstrate formality or informality through portfolios we use:

  • A portfolio that cross is worn on the body goes very well with an outfit of jeans and sweater that we can use to go out to run errands for example.
  • Soft leather wallets can look very appropriate with long and wide dresses and will be the finishing touch to an outfit that looks totally comfortable.
  • A medium portfolio in soft and worn leather goes hand in hand with an outfit relaxed corduroy jacket and jeans.

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