Copying files to a flash drive when asked by a disc

Copying files to a flash drive
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If Windows or a third party application has to store information, you may be asked to choose the location where you want to be copied one or more files. While many people can choose the folders on your hard drive as a destination, you can also copy files to an external flash drive. Because flash drives are portable, you can use the files are copied to another computer by connecting the device to one of the USB slots on the computer.


Connect a flash drive into a USB port free computer and run an application that asks you to select the location where you would like to save files. When an application does this, a window showing a list of the contents of your PC opens. That window often resembles File Explorer and shows your computer’s hard drives and external storage devices.

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Find the icon that represents the flash drive from the list and double-click the icon.

Click “Save” if the window has a “Save” button. Windows copies the files to the flash drive you have selected. If the application you are using has a button with a different name, such as “Copy” click into place.

Tips & Warnings

Different applications can display windows that appear slightly different, depending on the task they perform. For example, an application that needs to copy files from a ZIP file can be simply prompts you to select the destination disk. When that is done, point your flash drive as described in the following steps.

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You can also copy files to a flash drive using the File Explorer. It is that with the release of File Explorer, hold down the “Ctrl” key and clicking the files you want to copy. Click on any file you clicked, select “copy”, then right-click on the flash drive and select “Paste” to paste copies of the files there.

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