Couple Therapy, how it works?

Couple Therapy
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The relationship is one of the closest issues we have as human beings. The choice of a partner and stay together through the setbacks of life is rarely simple. When we choose someone to live with, marry and start a family together, sometimes we do not realize the complexity that this entails.

There is very few free relations conflict. When the couple, one of our most important relationships, begins to fail, our health and happiness often suffers. While for many of us our first reaction is to try to work the problems by ourselves, can be very useful to seek outside help.

A path that can choose is to couple therapy: a form of psychotherapy designed for those who have a relationship. Let’s see what the couple’s therapy in more detail, including how you can help and some of the most common problems in relationships.

What is couple therapy?

Couple therapy is a form of therapy that seeks to improve communication and resolve problems within an intimate relationship. In contrast to the advice of the relationship problems that can be applied exclusively through individual sessions, couples therapy is a term applied to psychotherapy for two people in a relationship.

With this in mind, therapists who offer this type of therapy should have the appropriate training to help them work with the dynamics of a couple. Although Couples Therapy is ideal for couples who attend sessions together, if one of the parties refuses to go, you can look to speak to a couples therapist on their own to begin with. Perhaps over time the couple is more motivated to join after having some initial sessions alone, or in any case, may find it useful to improve their relationship.

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With regard to the techniques used, some of the jobs done, they are held within their own counseling sessions, but also you will ask them to carry out “duties” at home. Normally, your therapist will offer to do a task or talk about something specific when you get home. Subsequently, at its next session, you will get the opportunity to talk about this task, discuss any challenges you come up against and how the experience made him feel both.

What’s not couples therapy

It is important to remember that when you go to Couples Therapy simply not be told what to do and that’s it, but must explain their situation best. Not your therapist will give his personal opinion and does not tell you whether as couple must be separated or not. The role of a couples therapist is to facilitate the resolution change and helping both to communicate more effectively and to reach their own conclusions, under the guidance of a professional.

If you are nervous about discussing private matters with a stranger, you should be aware that the therapist is not there to criticize; their counseling sessions should be a judgment free space where you can explore its actions openly.

How can you help advice for couples?

When you’ve been in a relationship or marriage for a long time, it can be easy to fall into the trap of not listening to the other person or not clearly communicate our needs. Sometimes talking to someone who has no connection to you or your partner is all you need so that you can gain perspective. What the couple therapy offered here is the opportunity to talk to someone who has no preconceived notions of what they are as a couple, with the added advantage of having skills and training to guide them through their concerns.

The overall goal of counseling is to help you do the following:

  • Understanding how external factors such as family values factors, religion, culture and lifestyle affect their relationship.
  • Reflect on the past and how it works in the present.
  • Communicate more constructively.
  • Negotiate and resolve conflicts whenever possible.

As they move counseling sessions, you and your partner can find a way to overcome their problems, or decide it’s time to separate. Either way, it is expected that advice will provide space to grow and decide what you would like to do in the future for both.

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Common problems in consultations couple

There are many different concerns that may appear in couples therapy, ranging from miscommunication, to much more serious conflicts such as infidelity or other. Some common problems that can be seen through couples therapy include:

  • Lack of trust
  • Infidelity
  • Jealousy
  • Lack of communication
  • Financial problems
  • Stress related to work
  • Different sexual needs or other sexual problems
  • Family problems
  • Different goals and values
  • Different styles of parenting
  • Life changes of all kinds.

This list is not exhaustive and each situation is unique. Whatever the concern is, however, speak to a professional is often a very helpful step forward.

When is the right time to seek help?

Every couple is different and so when you choose to seek help will depend on the nature of the problem you are facing. If you are concerned about your relationship (for any reason) and feel you cannot reach a conclusion alone it is likely to benefit from counseling.

For some, the suggestion Couple Therapy is considered a “last resort” to save a relationship / marriage. Although, of course, this is sometimes the case, we do not have to wait until things get so bad before attempting Couples Therapy. Many couples use therapy sessions as a way to keep your relationship healthy and treat any underlying concerns that may become conflicts in the future.

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