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E-Mail Marketing
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We all get mail newsletters, often without opening them go straight to the trash, but sometimes not.

Most people do not stop to think how these mails are created but, when you have to design your own newsletters, you find that there is something so trivial.

How to design the perfect post for customers

Newsletter content

You have to be clear what you mean before doing anything. When you know, you can start writing the content of the mail. Be sure to use the right tone and be brief to keep customer interest.

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Calls to action (CTA)

You know what you want to tell the client what to think now expect me to do after reading it. For example, if you report an event, you want users to buy tickets, respond to the invitation or simply share the news?

The clearer you have your goal, the easier it will be to get the client to do whatever you want. In addition, do not forget indicate what the landing page in which the buyer can complete the action. Finally, create an action button that leads to the link and in writing uses verbs that invite action.

Email Subject

The issue is the most important part of the text of a message and the shortest. It depends on readers to open mail. It is important to keep track of the issues that you use and check it occasionally to make sure they are optimized for conversions.

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Design Newsletter

Essential, your logo in the header, footer with your contact information, the buttons of social networks and, most importantly, a link to cancel the subscription. The body of the message will include the elements we have already seen: the content and button call to action. Of course, the images should invite the action, so you take care of them. By the way, do not forget that supports mobile.

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