Decoration for singles or how to get the most out of a small apartment

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Have nothing to do our first floor of singles to come back, you find a partner or not. The first home is special and usually in the ordinary mortals usually rather small size, which makes sharpen your wits to make it a great little apartment. What you have to do to make your friends jealous? With an idea and these proposals LifeStyleQA you will find it easier than it looks.

The plans, your best allies

The plans, patience and calm are certainly some good companions in this decorating your first floor. Rushing is not usually good at anything but decoration is even worse. Roll over plans to decide which is more suited stay to each of your needs and thinks several times and place each piece of furniture and decoration element.

Perhaps what the house was intended to be a bedroom so you want to convert into a spacious office in a dressing room or hobby room. Nothing is written and everything can be variable. Also think well what decorating style you’d get, for example natural is great to see so many pictures inspire you and adapt the trends that motivate you.

Decorate small apartment
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But harvested little furniture

If your apartment is small is small, no need to get your hopes up trying to get large pieces of furniture in your small space because although you look and you look to find those centimeters that fit perfectly is something that does not get you anywhere. The most logical thing is to think about what you need and then what you want and try to reach a consensus between the two. Find furniture that will solve functions but do not eat a lot of space because what at first is a satisfaction can be all become a burden.

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To start decorating your floor single you can decanter blanket to the head and turn your apartment into a decoration store which does not lack detail or, better option, go furnishing gradually, the first month purchase the couch and dining table, the second a shelf … Things that you really do fall in love and you are missing. Decorate the first floor is one of those wonderful experiences you will not forget in life.

Decorate small apartment
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Clear Paintings

In a small apartment you cannot put paintings and furniture with dark tones which was reduced because you will end up looking minuscule. It is best to choose a clear wall painting , from basic white to a light gray or green water but you never go tones or papers brown, black or patterned too because they want to get that effect.

When choosing furniture does not have many doubts, glass and white or light wood will be your best allies for a spacious and with all possible amplitude decoration. If you love a particular color or dark and leave for striking details such as cushions, a rug or decorative elements such as candles or pictures.

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Elements of organization

Ordination is expensive but in reality, it is essential. At first it is normal to have everything perfectly placed but you have to try is to keep that routine for years and still love your bachelor pad as the first day. For this you have to help in sorting elements simple and very practical.

Decorate small apartment
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First you have to organize your closet with all kinds of drawer dividers, racks of different styles and drawers and shelves for shoes and all the clothes you want to save bent. You can also buy wicker boxes or some similar material to store towels in the bathroom or hygiene products. In the kitchen it is almost the same as in the bedroom so having ordered drawers, hanging rods objects and many shelves for your crockery and glassware is a success. That is, everything you do you need to get your little apartment completely spotless.

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