Disney cruises and LG Cosmetics! Are you sure you know these companies well?

Disney cruises
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Disney: The House of Mouse… The childhood memory of millions of children worldwide, the parent company Fairground most important land and the name behind one of the conglomerates of the most important information, one of the Big 6. We all know these facets of the company Walt Disney, and if we were asked to cite a few of his products, surely we would say something like film Frozen, stickers Donald Duck and dolls of Star Wars or Marvel.

The news yesterday that the division is Disney Cruise Line will acquire two new giant ships, more than 1,000 feet long and 200 high. What we discovered is that the company has now 20 years offering family travel experiences at sea; their fleet has 4 other big ships and even have a small private island in the Bahamas called Castaway Cay, an exclusive port call for Disney ships. This just talking about your cruise travel service, because it also turns out that, besides all the emporium which we were already aware, has a business line dedicated to the programming of tourist trips.

Surprising, but only at first, that a company like Disney have other business areas. After all, with such large companies it is normal that investments are diverted from the main focus to other areas to expand business volume and pitch protect investment in case something goes wrong in one of our areas. However, can it be known that there are other companies that would market other businesses that do not have a clue? Then a general overview of some of the most curious cases that are in the wild world of business conglomerates.

Sony sells insurance

Sony, the electronics corporation that has given us the Walkman and the PlayStation and also recognize as one of the clusters most visible entertainment, moves today in Japan more money through their life insurance than wins worldwide for the rest of their business. No, no TVs or consoles or Hollywood movies can do nothing against the power of your heritage protection.

Samsung and costumes

Like Sony, and even going further than the previous one, this South Korean company is not just a device manufacturer, but is also a petrochemical company and an insurer. Far from being there, Samsung does his thing as varied in other sectors such as hospitality, medicine, textile, economic studies and sponsorship of Korean baseball, where you have a team under template, the Samsung Lions.

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Virgin, space tourism

As an example of one of the companies with a policy of more aggressive diversification of business history, by the hands of showman Richard Branson they have passed projects ranging from agencies brides businesses of trains, banks, airplanes, health clubs and travel agencies. We have always known to be a record company in 2014 presented new plans of his space travel agency, Virgin Galactic, why they have been more than 500 select customers.

The fragrance lit Zippo

A paradigmatic case of error when developing a strategy of unrelated diversification is to Zippo, the famous American company lighters has decided to explore new territories drafting tape measures, key chains and belt buckles. Now also they sell perfume male in airport shops because who would not want to smell like gasoline. Warning: BIC failed trying to do exactly the same thing.

Xiaomi also dehumidify your air

The so – called Chinese Apple is not only one of the biggest emporiums Smartphone, nor mobile applications. It is also a major supplier in the field of electronic devices. Yes, smartwatches and tablets, but also headphones and humidifiers water and air.

General Electric, everything you can best they occur

The company known for making trains for American roads s actually in TO-DO and many parts of the world. Household products, financial services, medical devices and the field of biology, pharmaceuticals and automotive products, software development … Choose the product you want, incubators for newborns or parts for combat aircraft. You have everything there.

LG Cosmetics

The Life’s Good with LG see it in print West in its many electronic products for home, but in South Korea, home of residence, is also responsible for petrochemicals. In addition, this means from PVC to cosmetics through bottled water.

Sweet Shiseido

Shiseido is one of the most prestigious brands of cosmetics and the fourth leader in worldwide sales. What you may not know is that it has a subsidiary, Shiseido Parlour, through dedicated to the culinary experience of the highest level. This implies restaurants and ice cream parlors, but also chocolates, cookies or biscuits. Shiseido biscuits.

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Fujifilm makeup you

The historic Japanese manufacturer of cameras and film for the same decided to stop limiting the production of collagen relation to photography and go beyond. Today, 14% of its business lines and invoice creams and beauty products for the skin under brands like Astalift, Nanofilt or Lunamer. With which it is falling traditional photography seems like a smart strategy.

Hitachi Magic Wand

Yes, it seems that the Japanese are the kings of diversification. That so serious company that produces a wide range of telecommunications products and consumer electronics has also just that, consumer electronics. “Hitachi Magic Wand” is the Cadillac of vibrators, and since it was introduced in the US in 1970 (and pioneering women discovered that other use beyond massage toy) has been a symbol of female sexual liberation.

Bridgestone, the king of sports accessory

Bridgestone is not only a house of tires and motorcycles, is also present in the sector of sports equipment, which makes from bicycles to tennis rackets through golf balls. The industrial product derived is also dedicated, as the anti – noise materials.

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