Do not panic! Discover how to deal with the first wrinkles

The first wrinkles
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From the twenties, they begin to appear on our face the first signs of age. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity of our skin or even decrease brightness, are small details that make us look older and we can avoid simply leading a healthier lifestyle.

Quiet does not mean that after passing adolescence has to be done with a wrinkle cream and have to start applicative day and night to be able to be like the stepmother of Snow White. Until the thirties, does not begin to be noticeable in our skin over the years, however, a good routine prevention, a diet rich in antioxidants, active life and use products according to our age, are aspects key to reducing the incidence of wrinkles.

Another aspect that you should keep in mind is the idea that the wrinkle as a concept is not a bad thing. You’re not going to cheat, careless and wrinkled skin is not what we all dream, however, today’s society leads us to believe that we must fight against aging and a wrinkle is synonymous with ugly. OK over the years and not hide behind Botox, lifting, etc. It is another way of living life. With these tips you can take and reduce the first wrinkles to over the years do not leave your worn down but full of life face.


You’ll be tired of hearing phrases like “better safe than sorry” or reading hundreds of reviews of products that do not even know how to use. No matter the age you because it’s never too late to care. During adolescence usually appears our first contact with the world of cosmetics. The need to cover a pimple with some makeup leads us to dive, sometimes in an uncontrolled manner, in the wonderful world of makeup. Foundations, concealers … From the misuse of some cosmetics can come future problems in our skin. That is when we become an unquestioned habit when tranquillizers and clean your face of any makeup. Use a moisturizer that will contribute to our skin all you need is another key step. To prevent aging of cells is important to use moisturizing creams and serums that have antioxidant vitamins to nourish our skin with a veritable cocktail of life that protects all kinds of factors, both internal and external.

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As important as choosing the most suitable products for your age and needs of your skin it is to lead a healthy lifestyle based on a balanced diet and some physical activity. No need for you to become a guru of the world healthy, to include in your diet products with antioxidant vitamins, you will achieve your cells fulfill their proper function. For example, the vitamin C present in citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes or broccoli is fundamental to a diet that will curb feet wrinkles. The blue fish or nuts are also good antioxidants due to omega – 3 that contribute to our body.

Do some research and vary your menu to always have antioxidants in your day and your skin will be protected against any damage, in addition, to retaining it’s elasticized. Also do not forget the isoflavones whose function is to provide collagen to our skin and are present in soy, grapes and its derivatives or even the versatile green tea.


If you want to stand up to wrinkles, you should include in your routine a number of care that will help you protect it and keep it well fed. To this end, in addition to the moisturizer, as we have said, we must include in our lives the use of serum. Although there are hundreds of them and each has different properties on the market, all of them have in common the concept. A serum is a serum, i.e. feed your skin and provides vitamins Need Help. The result does not take long because the skin looks much healthier flowers and even asks you not make up. In case you still have doubts on the correct use of such cosmetics, well pick out all the order you should follow every morning:

  • Wash the face and clean it of impurities and fat that they have developed overnight.
  • Apply a serum that nourishes our skin and leave it on for several minutes.
  • Apply moisturizer.

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After these steps, you can choose to apply your foundation or leave your face naturally. In addition to using moisturizer and serum, other care that you can include for your skin is healthier and wrinkles not run free for your face. For example, apply yourself a mask once a week or get a facial cleaning that is not very aggressive see a couple of months, will help greatly to make your skin look perfect and full of light.

Scope out party wrinkles!

If you have already begun to draw wrinkles on your face, do not worry, the most important step is that you should do first: do not obsess! After the wrinkles are only experiences that you have become the woman you are today and more than something to hide, as I have already said, they are something to take and adapt to our lives. If we say that men are better with some graying hair, why not going to be the same with us? Be happy, you leads a healthy life and care of your skin daily, you see the result every morning!

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