Do you just graduated and can not find work? Students LinkedIn is for you

LinkedIn Students
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While it is true that LinkedIn is postulated as an almost indispensable platform for all those who are looking for work; the truth is that the range of competitors in this community is also very broad. A context in which the experience and recommendations become key points of engagement. But what happens when you lack them?

This is the case of students who start making their first steps into the working world and those who have just graduated that, despite practices, do not have the track record that would allow them to be measured with other candidates of the social network. And that’s why what the company has decided to launch LinkedIn Students; an option designed for them.

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How is LinkedIn Students

In this way and but for now, the application for Android and iOS is only available in the United States, it seems that is postulated as an alternative for those interested not only find their opportunity in the professional field, but also for you have the opportunity to focus their studies in a certain way, find out what the best outputs, etc. are.

Thus, the tool takes as its starting point the current situation of the user – a high school student, a recent graduate and even an experienced worker in another field that is willing to expand their horizons- and collects businesses and jobs that suit these knowledge and conditions.

In addition to posts that could be of interest, it provides specific content and news articles, analyzes the academic progress of the candidate and gives you some tips and information on what are the most recommended steps that should follow their training, a sort of very useful guide that can help in making certain decisions.

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Other objectives of the app are those of identifying the most appropriate for their users opportunities and niches; and make job hunting a little less daunting. LinkedIn Students also provides data on the average wage for certain jobs, percentages on the growth of these profiles on the market, the specific tasks they carry out, the alumni of your college who chose this type of work and a long list that already you can assume and to help them take the first step.

Information which, incidentally, comes from her older sister and their 414 million members, with respect to articles, the sources may be different, i.e. it is not necessarily original content of the platform but even it is possible that redirects the reader. Also, the appearance of this app could have a direct impact on the educational platform of LinkedIn, but we still expect to learn more details about it.

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