Do you love Eco-fashion? Look at these five ways to be a responsible buyer!

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Being a social and ethically responsible buying you will love!

The consequences on the environment, working hours in terrible conditions … There are clothes that are beautiful but were made ​​at the request of companies that do not take into account social, ethical and ecological.

Like Eco – fashion? Then you will love being a responsible buyer, how? I will tell you!

Fashion makes us spend a lot, for us and many more people as well. A changing market that occur every day becomes million garments.

If we begin to give more space to the thrift stores, we would be stopping this production and also incentive’s millionaire selling clothes that no longer use in thrift stores.

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There are many companies that make small and large brands that use recycled fabrics. That way we would not be creating new fabrics and recycling those that are no longer used. It sounds good, right?

Before you buy in that store brand, it would be good to investigate what the working conditions that their garments are made. 

Do you want to buy from a company that pollutes the environment with toxic elements? Do you want to buy from a company that promotes child labor and poor working conditions have?

On the Internet, there is much information we can get about brands and so buy responsibly and promote ecological and socially responsible fashion.

Many small domestic companies engaged in sustainable and socially responsible fashion. In this way we can protect our environment and promote domestic production and thus benefit our own economy.

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This point is really important… Perhaps we should change the way we shop. Do you need to go buy another black dress? Would not it be better to use that we already have?

Often, for various reasons, we buy without thinking much. Why we buy compulsively? Perhaps it is better to have a responsible consumption, take only what we need and do not buy “just in case”.

If you like Eco – fashion and socially responsible you will love these tips. Have you already put up in any of them? Tell us!

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